Friday, November 28, 2008

India Proves That We Are Playing By The Wrong Set Of Rules

We are in a contest with Islam for how we are going to live. Now I have been in a few contests in my life and all contests have rules. Somehow we in the West have decided we are going to play by the same rules no matter what rules our opponents pay by.

So since well before Sept.11, 2001 we've been fielding the world's best baseball team while facing Rugby, hockey and football teams.

I have an idea? why not play by their rules? So, Islamists kill Americans, Brits, Israelis and Indians in hopes that we all change. Since I don't particularly want to change, plus I have a serious allergy to having my grandchildren harmed, how about we start knocking off bunches of their civilians? We could start with the wealthy Muslims who finance the Jihad. We could then proceed to carpet bomb neighborhoods where Muslims dance in the street and pass out candy when news of these atrocities comes out.

We have been waiting for moderate Islam to stop the Jihadis. We'll keep waiting, the moderates have no reason to stop the Jihadis but plenty of reason to fear them. Meanwhile the moderates do not fear us, even when we move against the Jihad we avoid hurting the moderates.

We used to be pretty durned good at killing ourselves. Many of us still are. We find radical mosques in Yorkshire and they keep preaching hate and murder after the London bombings and that nut trying to drive the flaming Jeep into the departure desk in Glasgow. Would the British Mosques change their tune if Brits flung petrol bombs inside?

We find radical Mosques preaching that same hate in India. How about if the Indians surrounded those Mosques carrying those old Enfield .303 rifles? And because they were invented there, Bangalore Torpedoes. As well as petrol bombs.

I'm told that the Mosques in places like Detroit and Houston speak that same hate but also caution, only partially because of George Bush. Just as much because of the armed citizens of America. Anyone want to make bets on how long Calypso Louis' Fruits Of Islam would last if they started trying to blow Joe Sixpack's family away? The deer rifles would come out of the closets.

Here is my plan. The next Islamic attack we send the zoomies to bomb the rich guys in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the government of Somalia, just because, and the neighborhoods of "Palestine" that passed out candy on 9/11. Then after that, the next attack we blow up Pakistan's nukes and ISI headquarters, plus some more rich Arabs, maybe a few rich Malaysians.

Anyone think we'd need too many lessons before the world wide Jihad is over?

Thanksgiving Feast

Linda Lou baked two sweet potato pies and we eventually got in the car to go eat dinner with the some of the kids and and our son in law's parents. I got in the car and the battery was dead. The only neighbor that was home, then, was the guy that shot George, my German Shepherd. I did not ask him for help.

Eventually our other neighbor came home and we charged my car battery. You see, George ate the wires from my battery charger and I haven't replaced it. Yet. So we gave the extra sweet potato pie to the neighbor. I think the battery died because I left the car open with the interior lights lit while I unloaded the five hundred dollars of groceries and "stuff" from our payday shopping trip.

So for Thanksgiving I had something unusual, a leftover pork chop and peas. I've eaten far worse. I am thawing a half rack of pork spare ribs for tomorrow's supper. Ranch Style beans, french fries and ribs. Not bad for a po' boy.

It's a gray, rainy day today, it's dark, now, though. The Cowboy Action Shoot scheduled tomorrow, has been canceled, due to mud. Too bad, there were supposed to be two vendors there. Shows how the club has grown, we didn't use to get any vendors as it just wasn't worth it, not enough people.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Darlin'

It was a year and a half before I was even born that my life became complete. Linda Lou has her birthday today. I do forgive her for robbing the cradle like she did.

So, happy birthday Linda Lou.You've made my life work.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Victory In Iraq?

I don't know why someone decided that we are supposed to celebrate victory in Iraq on Saturday. We lost the chance for victory on 11/4/08. Sometime after the 21st of January the Shia Militias of folks like Mookie will make another move in the southern part of Iran. At about that same time more of these nutcases from Arabia, as well as other countries, will again flock into the Sunni sections of Iraq. Obambi will hem and haw. These new Jihadis will eventually kill some troops and the Donks will bring them home. More Shia and Sunni nutcases will pour in and the slaughter will begin anew.

I've seen this movie before. We beat the pants off the VC and NVA. We then pulled the troops out while leaving Hanoi in charge of the north. Then Hanoi pulled back into the fight and the Donks would not let us supply air and naval power, the power we were obliged to provide by treaty. The Donks wouldn't even let us send ammo. So the Arvins fought until they ran out of artillery shells, then ran or surrendered.

No now John Kerry has a picture in the museum in Ho Chi Minh City.

I knew we would eventually lose this war when we stopped short of ending the regimes in Teheran, Riydh and, least important, Damascus. Since each to these countries were attacking our troops in Iraq we had all the excuse we needed to finish the job and, in 2003 we had the military to do it.

I'll never understand what kept Bush from pulling the trigger. Saudi Arabia has no real military. They have lots of tanks, maintained by foreign civilians. They have lots of airplanes. Maintained by foreign civilians. Syria's military is at least half as strong as Saddam's was and we saw what happened to them. Iraq's Military is just like the others. The militaries of Islamic counties started a big slide when Ferdinand and Isabella threw the Muslims out of Spain and haven't hit bottom yet.

This is what is so annoying. We took Iraq in just a few weeks and then stood by, losing men and women, and allowing the slaughter of thousands of Iraqis by Arab and Shia Jihadis entering from Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia. All while we had brigades and Regiments of troops on their borders.

We do not need to occupy Syria, Iran and Arabia. Just go through like a threshing machine destroying every military item more powerful than a beebee gun, smash up the governments and split, muttering something Arnold like "I'll be bach!" as we leave. Maybe paint some large bullseyes on stuff that we didn't blow up so they'll remember us. A bullseye on that black rock in Mecca, for instance.

The Donks used to be smarter. Franklin Roosevelt did everything he could to keep England from going under before Pearl Harbor, things that were technically illegal, because he knew the country wasn't ready for war. We, at the time, were not interested in war. FDR knew, though, that war was interested in us.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Which Set Of Religious Extremists Are Changing America?

So the anti social conservatives are saying that WE are trying to make everyone live our way. Funny, I didn't know that Mayor Bloomberg of New York is a social conservative yet it is his administration that has made smokers' lives miserable. It was his administration making restaurants put all sorts of new stuff on the menus. Now he's going up against the use of salt.

I didn't realize that Algore is a social conservative. Yet the religion of global warming wants us all to change our lives while the leaders, starting with Pope Al, jet around and buy humongous boats. I am still curious about that house of Pope Algore's and Dubya's home in Crawford. One was built from the ground up to save energy and save the environment, one was, it seems, designed to use energy. Yet it is Dubya who is trying to make us change our lives. So they say.

Social conservatives do not wish to make people change. We want to be left alone. We wish to teach our own children about sex, we do not wish them to be taken to gay marriage ceremonies unless WE decide to take them. We will teach them about condoms when we want to, not in kindergarten.

We social conservatives have nothing in particular against gays, we did not object to civil unions. Leave marriage alone. When was the last time Christians assaulted gays? When was the last time Christians threatened to burn down gay bars and tax the ashes? Or the bathhouses or interior design firms?

So, how come nobody complains about those who are trying to change the way we live, those who, if they went to church, would go to Our Lady of Professional Busybodies?

In other news it's National Ammo Day. In celebration I made a hundred rounds of practice ammo for our daughter's .38 as well as started a hundred rounds of .30-06 for her husband.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Working Together

So McCain has pledged to work with Obama to fix the country. Yup, I had my dog fixed, too.

This is what happens with the open primaries, we had a conservative Democrat up against a far left Democrat. Kind of like those conservative Democrats of the south that make a little noise but still support Pelosi. Of course McCain will support Obama. In the end Democrats always support each other. Too bad a Republican, er conservative didn't get the nomination. We might have lost but a conservative wouldn't be kissing Obama's backside.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

South Park Republicans Got Their Wish

So I was over at Classical Values and noticed the usual suspects complaing about how they want social conservatives to go away. Thing is, they got their wish. Evangelica Christians voted somewhere between a third and half for Obama. The social conservatives did not man the phone banks. The social conservatives did not walk the precincts. Few drove people to the polls.

So we lost some thirty million votes. I suppose these Republicans that want to throw the Socons out of the Party will be happy to lose the elections for the rest of their lives. Thirty million votes. What was Obama's margin of victory?

The funny thing about the vendetta against the social conservatives is that the Socons are not the aggressor in this fight. Socons do not go out of their way to attack gays, rather it is those gay pride parades with men walking around with their dangly bits exposed that brings Socons to protest. Very few Socons have anything to say against gays being in relationships, we do like the definition of marriage to be left alone. So we said "civil unions, okay, marriage no. So we compromised but it isn't good enough. So now the gays are attacking Catholics and Mormons and small churches. Why don't they go picket the churches of South Central? Or the Mosques? Same as the abortion crowd. Every time they get a new idea of how to kill more of the unborn they claim that the Socons are attacking them. More like the Socons are trying to defend themselves.

Anyhow you country club and southpark Republicans got your wish. The Socons stayed home. Enjoy the complete control of Congress by the Donks. Enjoy the Obama judges and the Obama presidency. You earned it.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I Can't Get No...

November the tenth is a special day here on the Poor Farm. While I am a country and western fan I have some small history with Rock.

Linda Lou and I got married in old east Dallas on a special night. It started off a special day, Marine Corps Birthday. It was also a night that the Rolling Stones hit the Cotton Bowl on one of their tours. The little hall we got married in was only about a mile or so from the Cotton Bowl. Probably a little less goin' right through trees and parked cars. So we could hear Mick and company clear as a bell.

So we got married with the Stones providing the music.

The preacher said "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." Ever since then, I can't get no satisfaction.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Proposition Eight

I am kind of glad that Proposition Eight has passed. I have nothing against gay people and it wouldn't matter much if I did. No one has ever asked my permission to be gay and I doubt it will suddenly start happening.

Still, the only folks who should support gay marriage are lawyers. I'm the furthest thing from a psychologist but I have noticed that many, maybe most, gay relationships are volatile. Many are violent. Perhaps this is because of the double dose of male hormones, I neither know, nor care why. I have troubles of my own so I don't dig around in things that don't concern me.

Still, when we finally do end up with gay marriage gays themselves will be the worst hurt. Divorce is extremely expensive. I do know what a lot of street cops know. A lot of what is mostly ignored now will become domestic violence once gay marriage becomes a reality. I'm not sure gays really want this, there are a whole lot of lifetime issues that come with the movement of a misdemeanor fistfight over to the domestic violence column. This will happen sure as night follows day. The lawyers have plenty of practice with this. Already in heterosexual divorces the complaints of abuse are regularly used, even when there isn't abuse. This is considered good lawering for child custody and support. Never mind the actual harm caused.

Since gays, as a group, are one of the most affluent groups in society, we will see lawyers making a pile with each divorce.

The fun thing about Prop Eight is how the gays voted in droves for Obama. Meanwhile the blacks and hispanics voted, overwhelmingly for Prop Eight. If blacks and hispanics had voted in their usual numbers it would have been defeated. Then gays too would be owned by the lawyers.

Here is something I don't understand. We have two big groups in America, politically. We have one group, the Republicans, that are not particularly interested in the gays. We would, on the whole, prefer traditional marriage to be left alone but few of us have any major objection to civil unions. Just off the top of my head I'll call this side the Sarah Palin Republicans. You know, the governor who vetoed that law in Alaska denying any State benefits to those in civil unions.

The other major side in American politics, just to pull a name out of my head, the Obama Democrats will do. This side wants to ally America with Iran, where they hang gays from construction cranes. The Dems think we lean too far toward Israel and too far away from "Palestine" where they throw gays off the top of tall buildings.

I think we need a new Pug puppy. I'm spending too much time talking about politics.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kiss Your 401k Goodbye

Well, we got our wish. Change! Hope! The stock market falling. Notice that, the dollar is falling too. We had the largest economy in history, one important reason is that we had a safe place to store wealth. Everyone talks about Swiss banks as well as banks in tiny little countries. Liechtenstein is really going to protect the wealth, without the United States Military, not so much. This is why the market is falling. Smart people are selling off and buying stuff they can bury in the back yard.

In other news the mainstream media is now telling us that they don't know who Obama is. Now they tell us.Too bad they couldn't take a look before the election. They had plenty of people to go through Wasilla with a fine tooth comb. Now I'm not the world's greatest expert on Yankee geography but it seems to me that Chicago is a lot closer to the New York-Washington axis than Alaska. Of course they've always know that the Vice Presidency is more important than that Oval Office thing.

There is some good news. The MSM is dead. So is big University, there simply won't be the money. Hollywood is crumbling. That's something, anyway.

How long will it be before President-elect Obama pulls that same old Democrat trick as Clinton did and tells us all that the tax cut that 95% of us were going to get is another tax increase? Meanwhile the folks that worked for him up in Indiana are crying because they're getting shorted on their pay. Imagine my surprise.

The Democrats are in big trouble. The Republicans do not have enough power in Washington, DC to be blamed for what goes wrong. They'll try to blame Bush, kind of like they have blamed Bush all through his terms, sooner or later, though, they must govern. And since half the Democrat ideas are from cloud coocoo-land, that is going to be a problem.

Are the Democrats smart enough to leave the Proposition Eight victory be? I doubt it. So they'll try to override the vote of the people. This will, of course, just tick off their own base. Proposition
eight did not pass because of white evangelicals, it passed because Blacks and Hispanics voted for it.

Will the Democrats try to move against guns? Of course they will, energizing the Right. Will they try to investigate and punish the Bush Administration? Probably. If they do, though, they'll run up against juries. Now they'll try to stack the juries, both sides try that, but I cannot see even a jury in the big, red cities, going along with that.

I, personally, will do okay for a while. Since our big deal was to get out of debt before we started to save for our retirement we are broat everyone will do for ake. Seems that about six weeks after we paid everything off I got sick and retired early. So I have no 401k or anything, Pelosi's economic bailout is aimed my way. With my age and health I won't last long enough for the Donks to kill the country.

In other news the country club Republicans are finally fighting. Trouble is, they're fighting Palin. Idiots. The Republican Party has a very thin bench. We have Palin and Jindal and a few others no one has heard of. Palin, being one of those Christians that embarrass the elites, is more of an enemy than is Putin, who gave the order to put new missiles up in Europe.

I don't quite know what everyone is going to do for heat and air, though. Half the electricity in the country comes from coal and the President-elect has vowed to bankrupt the coal companies.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Exit Poll.

Well, I somehow decided that Uh-uhbama wouldn't buy us a new Pug puppy so I pulled the straight R ticket. Then I went and polled Linda Lou on the way out to the car, she pulled the straight R ticket, also. So according to my exit poll it's a Palin landslide. Seein' as how neither one of us is real big on McCain. No matter how this election ends up we Republicans should never again let Democrats and Independents choose our nominee.

By the time the Red States started voting in the primaries McCain had the big lead as if Michigan would ever go our way in the general. Oddly, states like Michigan should vote Republican, ever since they became one Party Donk states their economies have sunk like the Michigan bedrock turned to quicksand. I'm old enough to remember when people left the south to go make their fortunes in Detroit.

We aren't watching election returns here, we'll know soon enough. I never trust the teevee people and their alleged news. It is too bad that the trade of reporting became the profession of journalism. The bright kids from the farm and factory families aren't there anymore, now it's the dimmer members of the upper and upper middle classes infesting the J-Schools.

It won't end the "rich Republican" meme, although it should. Wall Street put out record numbers, mostly for Obama. Soros and and that billionaire from Omaha, for Obama. Hollywood for Obama. Joe the Plumber for McCain.

I'll either update or write a new post when I know something.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Ready For The Election Riots?

Really the only preparation I need for the election-night riots is to stay out of the city, no hardship there as I don't like the city. Too durned noisy and full of people.

You folks that live in the cities have a different problem. Some fifty or so shotgun shells would be handy, a mix of the various sizes of buckshot and the rifled slugs. I have some number four buck, some #1 buck and some single ought and some double ought buck, plus a dozen or so one ounce rifled slugs.

I always keep at least a hundred or so rounds of very hot jacketed hollow point ammo for my .45 Colt and .357 Mag rifles, this stuff will stop a deer or a man or a charging Buick. Not these new Buicks with tissue-paper body panels but those old '53 Roadmasters that used to get drunk on hundred octane and then go pick fights with Rhinos and Horrible Heffalumps, and win.

Our revolvers are well fed, we keep at least one fifty round box of the best factory ammo for each of the carry guns, plus a minimum of eight hundred rounds of handloads, that's what fits in the ammo cans. So the .38 had an unopened box of the Winchester Plus P lead hollow point ammo and a couple of partial boxes of other hot .38s, Corbon and Speer, my little .357 has a full box of Federal .357B stuff, the 125 grain hollowpoint that came in first in many tests a few years back.

The single action .45s aren't really defense guns but if push ever came to shove there is nothing wrong with a 250 grain soft lead flat point at some 800 fps and I have hundreds of those sitting around.

The advantage of the shotgun is not just the deterrent factor, which is considerable. The next big advantage is that the big loads are mostly in five packs for less than five dollars or so each. So folks with small paychecks can stock up a little at a time. A person can buy a couple-three five packs of that low recoil double ought, a couple boxes each of number four and number one buck and a few boxes of rifled slug and be ready for just about anything. I have a butt cull on my shotgun with a mix of buck and slugs as well as a full 25 round shell belt, one of those cheap nylon and elastic things, rigged loose enough to wear as a bandoleer. This thing has ten rounds of Winchester's low recoil buckshot, five rounds of slugs, and the other ten rounds are assorted buckshot, the high velocity 9 pellet double ought, some number one buck mag ammo, 20 pellets per load, and 00 Mag, 12 pellets per load.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cute Overload, But No Eddie.

We drove to Canton today to the big flea market. We did not visit the actual flea market but the secondary one with all the critters in the universe. At least half of the puppy breeders show up there, along with cows, goats, chickens, horses, etc.

I walked my legs off but did not see Eddie. It was sort of a last resort, anyway. Linda Lou sat down in one dealer's shop and I went looking down a couple of rows, when I returned she was being climbed by poodle puppies. We did see a lot of Pug puppies, including several Black Pugs Of Doom. That is, I think what we will save for.

I had no idea there were so many English Bulldog breeders around, Texas is really too hot for them. Lots and lots of Pit Bull puppies, too many people with jailhouse looking tattoos clustered around them. There are too many meth cookers in this part of Texas.

When we left there we went to The Dairy Palace, a local shrine. If you are ever driving through Northeast Texas on Interstate Twenty, stop in Canton, the State Highway 19 exit. They always have thirty-three flavors of Blue Bell ice cream as well as amazing burgers. It's probably not a good idea to order the double bacon cheeseburger unless your mouth opens up at least as far as the late Linda Lovelace, though. Do not, though, wear your good clothes and order a double dip cone and then try to drive.

Oddly the breeders there charge about half of what the breeders charge at home. Dallas Pug Rescue charges $300.00 for a puppy, $200.00 for an adult, these puppies ran $250.00 for males and $300.00 for females. Of course the rescue puppies are neutered.

Well, it was depressing but we know where to go when we save up the money. Or do we need to save? If Obama is going to pay that woman's mortgage and put gas in her tank, why can't he buy us a puppy? Thank the Lord that I didn't vote early!