Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Reaction To Michael Jackson Explains Obama

I never understood the huge orgy of "grief" when JFK was killed. Yes, too bad, he was fairly young, although ancient to my fifteen year old self, with young children. It's not like any of those crying kids, much less the adults, had ever met him. I'm not sure when this began but I think it was with Kennedy. The media had much to do with this of course, Kennedy was not a particularly good President as well as being a horndog first class. This was well known to the Washington press corps but, for some reason was none of our business, even though the public was paying his salary.

I remember my parents, depression kids who came to adulthood before the development of Sulfa and Penicillin. So they were used to people dying young, Most people today cannot imagine how many people died young even in the first half of the 20th Century. I do not think people would have had time to do all that weeping and wailling over strangers in, say, 1920.

Of course, it's getting worse and worse. There are still thousands of people going to Graceland, people crying in America over Princess Di.

What I've noticed most on this latest death is what all these "grief stricken" clowns are saying. Maybe it's what they've always said but as my hearing problems progress I'm not listening but reading. These "grief stricken" clowns aren't talking about MJ or his family, they are talking about themselves.

What Michael means to me. What I think about his death. What his music means to me.

Listening to these people is like listening to an Obama speech. I. Me. There is no him. No you. Although these people are Americans I do not know them. They do not grieve so much as scream "look at me! I'm grieving!" Kind of like Obama, not wanting so much to be President but to scream look at me, I'm President!

This would not have happened to the men and women who broke their backs on farms and ranches, in mines and factories in the 19th Century. It is a measure of how frivolous our society has become. Trouble is, the frivolousness is just about to ruin the last best hope of mankind. Once Obama finishes collapsing the economy, the America I grew up in will be gone, perhaps forever.

In more important news than Jackon, Obama or the future of the nation, yesterday was my youngest grandson's first birthday party. I'll be posting pictures tomorrow while Linda Lou is off to a doctor's appointment.

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