Monday, June 15, 2009

I Wish I Were Smart, Volume Forty-three

Are the Shiai'tes so different from that other bunch of Muslims? Here is what I don't understand. In Iraq, a brutal dictatorship until George W. and the United States military came along, everybody and their brother in law had guns. We had our Zoomies lighting up wedding parties because they were firing off guns.

Yet right across the border, the only folks with guns are the Minions Of The Mad Mullahs. What's up with that? I know that Iraq is mostly Arab and Iran is mostly Persian, although I confess to not knowing the difference very well. I do know that we seemed to be utterly helpless when Iran was shipping guns, ammo, bombs and bombers over the border to kill our guys.

I, being a poor dumb redneck, never quite understood why we couldn't ship guns, ammo, bombs and bombers the other way. Of course I never understood quite why we didn't send airplanes to drop napalm on those huge mobs screaming "Death To America!!!", either. If those idiot Democrats hadn't destroyed the intel community and military back in the '70s none of this would be going on. The Mullahs would have been dead and Iran would be a different place today.

Of course if George W. had had the stones to ship as many guns and bombs into Iran as Iran was shipping into Iraq, things would be different, too. All the idiocy in the world doesn't belong to Democrats, just most of it.

I am not smart enough to know how letting yourself get beat up by punk bullies is good for you. Meanwhile all the smart people in politics understand that.

The only good news is that when The Minions Of The Mad Mullahs started shooting into the crowd the crowd tore them apart. Note to the MOTMMs, shooting into a huge crowd of angry people only works really well if you have enough sense to only have half of you shoot at a time. That way one half of you idiots can reload while the other half shoots.

Now I don't really know if the mobs forming are really better than the Mad Mullahs but I don't see how they can be a whole heck of a lot worse. Seems to me that the President of the United States should say something nice about them. I wonder when the last time was that a Democrat sided with the good guys? I believe it was late 1941. Maybe 1950 if we count Truman. And we should count Truman as he was the Democrat that wrested control of the Missouri Democratic Party from the Klu Klux Klan, unlike W. Virginia which still hasn't. Oh well, maybe when Byrd comes out of his coma and dies they'll end the KKK there. Of course Truman just turned the Party over to the Tom Pendergast Machine but, better the mob than the KKK. At least that's what the Dems think. Given the choices in the last election, the Chicago Outfit vs the New Orleans Mob. But, I digress again. Iran.

My prescription for Iran is really quite somple. A smart bomb through Imadinnerjacket's window, along with one through the windows of the Mad Mullahs. Then a sweet note to the next government saying something along the lines of no nukes, no messing around outside your borders. We have plenty of bombs and lots of people who would like jobs making more. Love, the United States of America.

While I would like Iran to treat it's citizens nicely, that's really up to them. If they want to hang homosexuals or beat women for showing a hint of wrist, well, who am I? It's when they go outside their borders that it bothers me.

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