Friday, June 12, 2009

Saint Peter, Don't You Call Me...

'Cause I can't go...My Father's Day present arrived a bit early, a new Dell
studio XPS 435T. The thing has so many bells and whistles attached that the packing list is two pages long. I feel somewhat churlish that I'm plugging in the same old speakers and not the new ones with the humongous woofer. But then I already have a humongous woofer, her name is Cochise' Apache Princess. And two emergency backup woofers, Ming and Bingo.

Anyway, this is the biggest computer I've seen since they stopped using punch cards. I like to herniated myself getting it in the house and thence into my little gun room/study. I mean the thing is nineteen inches tall, about seven and a half inches wide (my tape measure is kind of rusted there and I can't tell persactly, and twenty inches deep. This is the only thing keeping Linda Lou from taking this one over and giving me her new one, it's way to big to fit into her computer cubbyhole. Most computers come with one or two little discs to restore things in case of having to wipe the memory, this one came with seven. Linda Lou tells me that the size of this computer is because it's used by gamers. She chose it because she could have a phone line modem put in, still no DSL or cable out here. Anyway, it's quite a machine, it's not only full of features I don't know how to use, it's full of features that I don't know what they are.

So far it loads things much slower than my old one, I think that's because McAfee Virusscan is trying to download and, because I'm on a phone modem out three miles past Resume Speed, Texas, it keeps having to go back to the beginning. It would get up to fifteen percent complete and then, the next time I had to get back online it's get to seven percent and then...(It's up to fifty-two percent, please pray for the wind and rain to hold off until it's finished.) So anyhow I don't really know how well it works, yet. Anyhow, although the computer is for gamers, I'm not a gamer. In the Cowboy Action Shooting world, we have gamers. they shoot virtually recoiless loads and sound like a semiauto rifle at full speed. Thing is, they go "pop-tink" when they hit the steel targets. I'm sometimes a warthog with my 250 grain bullets and my near original velocities. But then I mostly shoot real black powder, that makes me a soot Lord, or I prefer Soot Hog as I stick with the heavy bullets and more powder than the old Cavalry load of twenty-eight grains of Black and a 230 grain bullet. This is the load that the Indian fighters used from about 1875 until they replace the Single Action Army with that anemic .38 Long Cold, only to go back to it when the Moros got pesky. That is the load Saint John of Browning duplicated in smokeless powder for a semiauto pistol, the immortal 1911. But I digress...Meanwhile it's back down to twenty-five percent downloaded. Note to self, tell the kids that if the interwebz are important to them, don't move to the country unless they've got over a hundred a month for satellite intertubes service.

Let's see, in other news...David Letterman is a chump. Six years ago he made a baby with his girlfriend. Only now did they get married. Yet he has the gall to call Sarah Palin slutty looking? He then talks of the fourteen yeat old daughter getting knocked up? And then explains it all by saying he was talking about the 18 year old? But it's okay because the 18 year old got pregnant, just like Dave's girlfriend. But Dave's girlfriend isn't a slut while all the Palin women are. And the left is where the majority of women vote. Because we, on the right don't value women. Uh-huh. Now, buy that bridge quick, I have other buyers lined up.

I'm a dad, although the kids are grown and married, and producing grandkids at an alarming rate, there is no parent of teenagers that didn't worry about unexpected grandkids. Some lefties worry a little less because they believe in abortion. Still, what happened to Bristol could have happened to any teenager, and happens all too often. It was certainly not a moral failure of the Palins. Instead it's a simple matter of human evolution. It was only a hundred years ago that kids of Bristol's age were married. It wasn't that long ago that a young woman of Bristol's age was, if unmarried, an oddity. So, now it's the style to marry later, if at all. Too bad we don't know how to tell the hormones that. The reality is, kids are horny. Women are gullible. Thank God for that or most men would be bitter old single men, with neither pot nor window.

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