Friday, June 05, 2009

Yam Good And Other Stories

I haven't been around much lately, I've been trying to avoid what those peabrained Democrats are doing to my country. Can anyone tell me what constitutional authority Obambi has to run an auto company? The guy has never run a hot dog stand. Anyhow every time his name comes up I repeat a long string of ugly words.

In other news we finally have the house air conditioned again. I will probably die owing my soul to Lowes Home Improvement but we have two window units in, replacing the central air that bit the dust. We will need one more small unit for the spare bedroom, since nobody sleeps there and it's full of books and other clutter, we can wait for that until we pay the bill down a tad. Anyway, both units are installed and the empty spots in the windows are filled with cardboard for now, I finally got the plywood cut yesterday and the paint and the glue to finish the job. So today I primed one side of the plywood, when it's good and dry I'll prime the other side, then paint it. Then put it in and be done.

The most exciting news, according to the dogs, is my discovery of a new (to us) dog treat. These are strips of yam, or sweet potato if'n you're a Yankee, wrapped in chicken and then somehow dried until it's nice and hard. The yam strips are about three eighths by three eighths of an inch and are of varying lengths. So if you have more than one dog you can give the big ones to the bigger dog and the little ones to the small dog.

Anyhow these things are called Yam Good and they are made by the Waggin Train people. I found them at Wal Mart. Now they have other treats, I haven't tried them yet and probably won't until the dogs get tired of these, which may never happen. According to the label these treats have no artificial flavors or colors, that's colours for my two or three British readers, no byproducts. No Fillers, No preservatives, no grain. No propylene glycol, no potassium sorbate, no titanium dioxide (whatever that is) no phosphoric acid and no potassium chloride. I don't know who would put all that stuff in a dog treat but they feel it's important to know that they don't. I'm just surprised to see that Firefox's spell checker knows how those things should be spelled but still gives the red underline to Obama. Yes, Firefox I know he's a mistake. But we're stuck with him for a while. Oh, yeah, the dog treats. My dogs love them and the Waggin Train folks seem to be avoiding the melamine problems that some other products have had. I hope they keep avoiding them. Although, from my admittedly limited understanding, the melamine came in grain and, since there is no grain in this product, they should keep avoiding the problem. Anyhow, give them a try, they are Bingo, Ming and Princess approved.

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