Sunday, June 07, 2009

Awful News

I may not be the last person to know because there are those who live in caves but I'm pretty late. I have an E-pal in the Pittsburgh area, Oddybobo who lost her sister in a motorcycle accident. I am so late noticing this because of my slow internet connection, she puts so many pictures on her blog that I don't get there very often, only on weekends when there isn't much news.

On the 21st day of May Joyce and her friend were killed instantly, leaving her small son. After a several year fight with cancer it had returned. That's the only thing that makes the death of a thirty year old mother even slightly bearable, she was spared some weeks or months of agony. What makes it harder, though, is she hadn't time to say goodbye.

Oddy writes of her having to stuff her grief while taking care of those who needed it. I hope by now she has managed to let it out. I also hope that the praters of this unrepentant sinner for Joyce and for her son, and Oddy and family will help a tiny bit.

Although Oddy stuffed her grief the mountain cedar must be bad today for my eyes are watery.

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