Friday, June 19, 2009

Scattershooting While Wondering, Why The Jews?

So I cooked the first tuna casserole of my life today, came out pretty good even if I say so myself. Which I shouldn't, I know. Two cans of solid white tuna mixed in with a can of cream of chicken soup, a half cup of milk and most of a regular can of peas. Then I sliced and broke up the butt end of a block of Velveeta. stirred that in while my two cups of elbow macaroni was boiling. After that was drained I stirred it in and then put paprika all over the top. into the oven at 350 for half an hour and fini! I do wonder what other spices I should have added, it was okay but plain.

Even Linda Lou said it was all right. It wasn't the way my Mama made it though. I'd give anything to ask her, too durned late.

Something I don't quite understand is Jimmeh Carter. First of all I do not understand why he hasn't accidentally bit himself and died from the hydraphoby. Next I cannot understand how he made it as far as he did in the Navy without understanding the slightest thing about war. So, the Hamasholes put some rocket launchers in the yard of the american School over there in Hamasland and started pegging shots into Israel. So now Jimmeh is mad at whom? That is right, the Izzies! Why those nasty Israelis wouldn't just sit there while rockets rained down on their civilians! The nerve of those people! Why can't they just march into the sea and die? I wonder what Jimmeh would be saying if those rockets were landing in Peanutville?

The idea that the Jews won't let the "palestinians" have their state is fatuous anyway. When they partitioned the area they gave the Jews a little sliver called Israel and the "palestinians" a big hunk called Jordan. That wasn't enough.

Here is another thing I don't understand. All these American libtards screeching about how the "palestinians" have a right to their lands, how come they haven't given their homes to American Indians? Would not simple honesty demand that? Oh, sorry. Honesty? Of liberals? Fat chance.

Now I'm probably not the world's greatest geographer but it sure looks to me like Jordan is a powerful lot bigger than Israel. And please don't try to tell me that the people of "Palestine" are different than the people of Jordan. For one thing, the only Palestine since Biblical times is the one down the road a tad in east Texas.

I do not understand why the left, who claim to be the ones standing foursquare against racism and sexism manage to always stand against the Jews and women. Oh, sure, they say they are only against Ziononism. Like they say they are for women. Except for Sarah Palin. Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, too. The women who get savagely beaten in Iran for the crime of showing a little too much wrist. Those girls pushed back into that flaming girl's school over there because they didn't have their hair properly covered.

Oh, heck, the left only supports the women and minorities that say what the left wants to hear. We all know that yet women and minorities keep flocking to the left. This is almost as silly as those clowns wearing the Free Palestine T shirts at the gay pride marches. Do not point out the contradiction, though, unless you want to hear and hour long diatribe about the awful things Boooosh!!!!11!! did starting fourteen years before he was born.

This has been the way it's always been. The Jacobins were not powerful enough to bring down King Louis the Whatever. The Leninists were not powerful enough to bring down Tsar Nicholas The Second. Castro had to pose as a Democrat. It was only after the left took power away from the useful idiots that supported them that the killing began. As may happen here. And, if it does, here as in all those other places, the "center leftists" will wail "I didn't know!" as they are put up against the wall. I can only hope that, if it happens here, that idiot Carter will be one of the first up against that wall.

Update: Linda Lou noticed that I wrote chicken noodle soup instead of cream of chicken. I've corrected it, and suggest that you not try to make tuna casserole with chicken noodle and milk. Or, give it a try, sounds awful but it might be good. Just have some hot dogs and pork'n'beans handy, just in case it's as awful as it sounds.

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