Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fire Letterman? I'm Starting To Believe

I've been casually following the Letterman Palin fight since it started. What it mainly did at the start was make me wish for the first half of the last Century, back when men were expected to have to back their words. In 1950 a Letterman would have not said those things about Governor Palin and her daughters. If he had, Todd Palin would have made those famous gap tooth grin far more gapped.

You may have noticed how much the culture has coarsened since then. There are a few blogs that are fairly new to me that have been following this much more than I have, I simply do not watch network TV much anymore. I am now so deaf that it is unpleasant for Linda Lou to be in the room so, instead I cruise the intertubes. Oddly I can hear and understand old movies and most sports. They have done something to the sound of the newer movies and network series that makes it nearly impossible to understand the words. So, I haven't seen Letterman since forever. Back when he was filling in for Carson.

Anyhow I've been reading Robert Stacy McCain and, through him, Cynthia Yockey. Ms Yockey claims to be newly conservative and brings some skills over from the left, where she used to reside. Apparently she noticed, finally, how the left treats women and minorities that do not think in lefty approved fashion. You might notice that people who insult a lefty approved group lose their jobs while people who insult conservatives and their families mostly get raises. And then we wonder why we are losing the culture wars as well as politically.

Ms. Yockey is an activist. Few of us on the right are, being mostly concerned with jobs and family. We have lost the ability to deal with cheap bullies like Letterman, that Oberclown, the pencil necked Bill Maher and the rest of that crowd. But Yockey knows.

The bullies of the left have been tearing down capable leaders of the right for a couple of decades now. It's time we fight back. Lets go to work, go over to The Other McCain at or Ms. Yockey's place at

Perhaps if we learn to flex our muscles a bit and go after them just about as hard as they've gone after us, the "entertainment" media will learn to stop insulting half their audience. Wouldn't that be nice?

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