Friday, June 26, 2009

The U. S. House of Representatives Declares War On U. S. Businesses, Workers and Homeowners

I guess I'm not quite smart enough to understand how shipping more jobs overseas will help the American economy. I am not quite smart enough to see how adding thousands of dollars a year more to the average household's bills will help the economy. And with the average world temperature dropping and some migratory birds losing their mating season because Canada is too cold, is this really the time to attack glow ball warming? Especially since a lot of real climate specialists say that what we do, within reason, has nothing to do with the climate.

The US House of Representatives does not agree with me, though, so they passed another huge bill that no one has read. I know this because there were over three hundred pages added after three AM this morning. Remember this day. Be sure to defeat everyone who voted for this monstrosity.

In other news I went to the supermarket after the hottest part of the day passed. While I was traveling the awful bill passed. Then, a while laterthe news came on. Now the most important item on the news? Not cap and tax but the earthshaking news that it may be weeks before we know why Michael Jackson died.

I never paid much attention to him, for some strange reason they didn't play much of his stuff on the country stations. I am blessed that I don't watch TV much anymore. So I was spared the Princess Di like crap. Okay, he's dead. Along with Lord only knows how many Iranians fighting, unarmed, for liberty. I'd trade a dozen pop stars for one of those Iranians.

Actually of the stars that died, Colonel Ed McMahon, USMC(R), retired and Farrah Fawcett were both each worth ten Michael Jacksons. Each of them stood up to be counted. Lord only knows how much of her own money Fawcett put up to aid battered women. And McMahon was on his way to the Pacific to fly fighters off carriers when we dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then he flew those single engine Cessna Bird Dog spotter planes in Korea. As low and slow as those things flew I always expected the men who flew those things over combat zones to have to walk bowlegged. So, what do we get? Michael. Remind me again why the news media is dying.

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