Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weenie Diplomacy, No Wonder I Love Fausta

Well, the Frozen Custard King still has the invitation out to the Mad Mullahs of Iran to come to the Fourth of July shindig at the White House, yes, those same people who murdered the unarmed demonstrators. Fausta called it weenie diplomacy and she is right.

Slow Joe Biden sure is right, there is a new Sheriff in town. One that cares nothing at all about freedom or human rights. This is what we get when 52% of the people vote in a clown that thinks the biggest threat to America is the American people. I certainly had my differences with Bush, even bigger differences with McCain but at no time did I think they wanted to end our economic system.

One would think that after spending millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions that the Frozen Custard King could at least fake a liking for the United States of America. Ah well, I guess that is as unlikely as a Democrat coming out for liberty.

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