Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cute Overload, But No Eddie.

We drove to Canton today to the big flea market. We did not visit the actual flea market but the secondary one with all the critters in the universe. At least half of the puppy breeders show up there, along with cows, goats, chickens, horses, etc.

I walked my legs off but did not see Eddie. It was sort of a last resort, anyway. Linda Lou sat down in one dealer's shop and I went looking down a couple of rows, when I returned she was being climbed by poodle puppies. We did see a lot of Pug puppies, including several Black Pugs Of Doom. That is, I think what we will save for.

I had no idea there were so many English Bulldog breeders around, Texas is really too hot for them. Lots and lots of Pit Bull puppies, too many people with jailhouse looking tattoos clustered around them. There are too many meth cookers in this part of Texas.

When we left there we went to The Dairy Palace, a local shrine. If you are ever driving through Northeast Texas on Interstate Twenty, stop in Canton, the State Highway 19 exit. They always have thirty-three flavors of Blue Bell ice cream as well as amazing burgers. It's probably not a good idea to order the double bacon cheeseburger unless your mouth opens up at least as far as the late Linda Lovelace, though. Do not, though, wear your good clothes and order a double dip cone and then try to drive.

Oddly the breeders there charge about half of what the breeders charge at home. Dallas Pug Rescue charges $300.00 for a puppy, $200.00 for an adult, these puppies ran $250.00 for males and $300.00 for females. Of course the rescue puppies are neutered.

Well, it was depressing but we know where to go when we save up the money. Or do we need to save? If Obama is going to pay that woman's mortgage and put gas in her tank, why can't he buy us a puppy? Thank the Lord that I didn't vote early!

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