Friday, November 21, 2008

Victory In Iraq?

I don't know why someone decided that we are supposed to celebrate victory in Iraq on Saturday. We lost the chance for victory on 11/4/08. Sometime after the 21st of January the Shia Militias of folks like Mookie will make another move in the southern part of Iran. At about that same time more of these nutcases from Arabia, as well as other countries, will again flock into the Sunni sections of Iraq. Obambi will hem and haw. These new Jihadis will eventually kill some troops and the Donks will bring them home. More Shia and Sunni nutcases will pour in and the slaughter will begin anew.

I've seen this movie before. We beat the pants off the VC and NVA. We then pulled the troops out while leaving Hanoi in charge of the north. Then Hanoi pulled back into the fight and the Donks would not let us supply air and naval power, the power we were obliged to provide by treaty. The Donks wouldn't even let us send ammo. So the Arvins fought until they ran out of artillery shells, then ran or surrendered.

No now John Kerry has a picture in the museum in Ho Chi Minh City.

I knew we would eventually lose this war when we stopped short of ending the regimes in Teheran, Riydh and, least important, Damascus. Since each to these countries were attacking our troops in Iraq we had all the excuse we needed to finish the job and, in 2003 we had the military to do it.

I'll never understand what kept Bush from pulling the trigger. Saudi Arabia has no real military. They have lots of tanks, maintained by foreign civilians. They have lots of airplanes. Maintained by foreign civilians. Syria's military is at least half as strong as Saddam's was and we saw what happened to them. Iraq's Military is just like the others. The militaries of Islamic counties started a big slide when Ferdinand and Isabella threw the Muslims out of Spain and haven't hit bottom yet.

This is what is so annoying. We took Iraq in just a few weeks and then stood by, losing men and women, and allowing the slaughter of thousands of Iraqis by Arab and Shia Jihadis entering from Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia. All while we had brigades and Regiments of troops on their borders.

We do not need to occupy Syria, Iran and Arabia. Just go through like a threshing machine destroying every military item more powerful than a beebee gun, smash up the governments and split, muttering something Arnold like "I'll be bach!" as we leave. Maybe paint some large bullseyes on stuff that we didn't blow up so they'll remember us. A bullseye on that black rock in Mecca, for instance.

The Donks used to be smarter. Franklin Roosevelt did everything he could to keep England from going under before Pearl Harbor, things that were technically illegal, because he knew the country wasn't ready for war. We, at the time, were not interested in war. FDR knew, though, that war was interested in us.

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