Thursday, October 30, 2008

His Brother's Keeper

So Uh-uhbama is mad because Republicans call him a socialist. Imagine that. Here is a multimillionaire whose Aunt lives in public housing. His half brother lives in a hut on less than a dollar, cash, a month. This multimillionaire promised to help those living in the village his father lived. Sum total of that help from Uh-uhbama? So far, zero.

The beautiful Baldilocks, who is also of Kenyon descent, has donated far more. Of course if she'd donated $1.39 it would be far more. One would think that a multimillionaire would shut up about greedy Republicans if he cannot send a twenty dollar bill to more than double his half brother's income. But, no. Uh-uhbama is his brother's keeper as long as it isn't his money.

I don't get it. All these folks who seem to adore Uh-uhbama and he won't even help his own family. Yet he is going to save the country. Should we not have seen some evidence by now?

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