Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Which Set Of Religious Extremists Are Changing America?

So the anti social conservatives are saying that WE are trying to make everyone live our way. Funny, I didn't know that Mayor Bloomberg of New York is a social conservative yet it is his administration that has made smokers' lives miserable. It was his administration making restaurants put all sorts of new stuff on the menus. Now he's going up against the use of salt.

I didn't realize that Algore is a social conservative. Yet the religion of global warming wants us all to change our lives while the leaders, starting with Pope Al, jet around and buy humongous boats. I am still curious about that house of Pope Algore's and Dubya's home in Crawford. One was built from the ground up to save energy and save the environment, one was, it seems, designed to use energy. Yet it is Dubya who is trying to make us change our lives. So they say.

Social conservatives do not wish to make people change. We want to be left alone. We wish to teach our own children about sex, we do not wish them to be taken to gay marriage ceremonies unless WE decide to take them. We will teach them about condoms when we want to, not in kindergarten.

We social conservatives have nothing in particular against gays, we did not object to civil unions. Leave marriage alone. When was the last time Christians assaulted gays? When was the last time Christians threatened to burn down gay bars and tax the ashes? Or the bathhouses or interior design firms?

So, how come nobody complains about those who are trying to change the way we live, those who, if they went to church, would go to Our Lady of Professional Busybodies?

In other news it's National Ammo Day. In celebration I made a hundred rounds of practice ammo for our daughter's .38 as well as started a hundred rounds of .30-06 for her husband.

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