Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Exit Poll.

Well, I somehow decided that Uh-uhbama wouldn't buy us a new Pug puppy so I pulled the straight R ticket. Then I went and polled Linda Lou on the way out to the car, she pulled the straight R ticket, also. So according to my exit poll it's a Palin landslide. Seein' as how neither one of us is real big on McCain. No matter how this election ends up we Republicans should never again let Democrats and Independents choose our nominee.

By the time the Red States started voting in the primaries McCain had the big lead as if Michigan would ever go our way in the general. Oddly, states like Michigan should vote Republican, ever since they became one Party Donk states their economies have sunk like the Michigan bedrock turned to quicksand. I'm old enough to remember when people left the south to go make their fortunes in Detroit.

We aren't watching election returns here, we'll know soon enough. I never trust the teevee people and their alleged news. It is too bad that the trade of reporting became the profession of journalism. The bright kids from the farm and factory families aren't there anymore, now it's the dimmer members of the upper and upper middle classes infesting the J-Schools.

It won't end the "rich Republican" meme, although it should. Wall Street put out record numbers, mostly for Obama. Soros and and that billionaire from Omaha, for Obama. Hollywood for Obama. Joe the Plumber for McCain.

I'll either update or write a new post when I know something.

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