Monday, November 03, 2008

Ready For The Election Riots?

Really the only preparation I need for the election-night riots is to stay out of the city, no hardship there as I don't like the city. Too durned noisy and full of people.

You folks that live in the cities have a different problem. Some fifty or so shotgun shells would be handy, a mix of the various sizes of buckshot and the rifled slugs. I have some number four buck, some #1 buck and some single ought and some double ought buck, plus a dozen or so one ounce rifled slugs.

I always keep at least a hundred or so rounds of very hot jacketed hollow point ammo for my .45 Colt and .357 Mag rifles, this stuff will stop a deer or a man or a charging Buick. Not these new Buicks with tissue-paper body panels but those old '53 Roadmasters that used to get drunk on hundred octane and then go pick fights with Rhinos and Horrible Heffalumps, and win.

Our revolvers are well fed, we keep at least one fifty round box of the best factory ammo for each of the carry guns, plus a minimum of eight hundred rounds of handloads, that's what fits in the ammo cans. So the .38 had an unopened box of the Winchester Plus P lead hollow point ammo and a couple of partial boxes of other hot .38s, Corbon and Speer, my little .357 has a full box of Federal .357B stuff, the 125 grain hollowpoint that came in first in many tests a few years back.

The single action .45s aren't really defense guns but if push ever came to shove there is nothing wrong with a 250 grain soft lead flat point at some 800 fps and I have hundreds of those sitting around.

The advantage of the shotgun is not just the deterrent factor, which is considerable. The next big advantage is that the big loads are mostly in five packs for less than five dollars or so each. So folks with small paychecks can stock up a little at a time. A person can buy a couple-three five packs of that low recoil double ought, a couple boxes each of number four and number one buck and a few boxes of rifled slug and be ready for just about anything. I have a butt cull on my shotgun with a mix of buck and slugs as well as a full 25 round shell belt, one of those cheap nylon and elastic things, rigged loose enough to wear as a bandoleer. This thing has ten rounds of Winchester's low recoil buckshot, five rounds of slugs, and the other ten rounds are assorted buckshot, the high velocity 9 pellet double ought, some number one buck mag ammo, 20 pellets per load, and 00 Mag, 12 pellets per load.

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