Friday, November 07, 2008

Proposition Eight

I am kind of glad that Proposition Eight has passed. I have nothing against gay people and it wouldn't matter much if I did. No one has ever asked my permission to be gay and I doubt it will suddenly start happening.

Still, the only folks who should support gay marriage are lawyers. I'm the furthest thing from a psychologist but I have noticed that many, maybe most, gay relationships are volatile. Many are violent. Perhaps this is because of the double dose of male hormones, I neither know, nor care why. I have troubles of my own so I don't dig around in things that don't concern me.

Still, when we finally do end up with gay marriage gays themselves will be the worst hurt. Divorce is extremely expensive. I do know what a lot of street cops know. A lot of what is mostly ignored now will become domestic violence once gay marriage becomes a reality. I'm not sure gays really want this, there are a whole lot of lifetime issues that come with the movement of a misdemeanor fistfight over to the domestic violence column. This will happen sure as night follows day. The lawyers have plenty of practice with this. Already in heterosexual divorces the complaints of abuse are regularly used, even when there isn't abuse. This is considered good lawering for child custody and support. Never mind the actual harm caused.

Since gays, as a group, are one of the most affluent groups in society, we will see lawyers making a pile with each divorce.

The fun thing about Prop Eight is how the gays voted in droves for Obama. Meanwhile the blacks and hispanics voted, overwhelmingly for Prop Eight. If blacks and hispanics had voted in their usual numbers it would have been defeated. Then gays too would be owned by the lawyers.

Here is something I don't understand. We have two big groups in America, politically. We have one group, the Republicans, that are not particularly interested in the gays. We would, on the whole, prefer traditional marriage to be left alone but few of us have any major objection to civil unions. Just off the top of my head I'll call this side the Sarah Palin Republicans. You know, the governor who vetoed that law in Alaska denying any State benefits to those in civil unions.

The other major side in American politics, just to pull a name out of my head, the Obama Democrats will do. This side wants to ally America with Iran, where they hang gays from construction cranes. The Dems think we lean too far toward Israel and too far away from "Palestine" where they throw gays off the top of tall buildings.

I think we need a new Pug puppy. I'm spending too much time talking about politics.

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