Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kiss Your 401k Goodbye

Well, we got our wish. Change! Hope! The stock market falling. Notice that, the dollar is falling too. We had the largest economy in history, one important reason is that we had a safe place to store wealth. Everyone talks about Swiss banks as well as banks in tiny little countries. Liechtenstein is really going to protect the wealth, without the United States Military, not so much. This is why the market is falling. Smart people are selling off and buying stuff they can bury in the back yard.

In other news the mainstream media is now telling us that they don't know who Obama is. Now they tell us.Too bad they couldn't take a look before the election. They had plenty of people to go through Wasilla with a fine tooth comb. Now I'm not the world's greatest expert on Yankee geography but it seems to me that Chicago is a lot closer to the New York-Washington axis than Alaska. Of course they've always know that the Vice Presidency is more important than that Oval Office thing.

There is some good news. The MSM is dead. So is big University, there simply won't be the money. Hollywood is crumbling. That's something, anyway.

How long will it be before President-elect Obama pulls that same old Democrat trick as Clinton did and tells us all that the tax cut that 95% of us were going to get is another tax increase? Meanwhile the folks that worked for him up in Indiana are crying because they're getting shorted on their pay. Imagine my surprise.

The Democrats are in big trouble. The Republicans do not have enough power in Washington, DC to be blamed for what goes wrong. They'll try to blame Bush, kind of like they have blamed Bush all through his terms, sooner or later, though, they must govern. And since half the Democrat ideas are from cloud coocoo-land, that is going to be a problem.

Are the Democrats smart enough to leave the Proposition Eight victory be? I doubt it. So they'll try to override the vote of the people. This will, of course, just tick off their own base. Proposition
eight did not pass because of white evangelicals, it passed because Blacks and Hispanics voted for it.

Will the Democrats try to move against guns? Of course they will, energizing the Right. Will they try to investigate and punish the Bush Administration? Probably. If they do, though, they'll run up against juries. Now they'll try to stack the juries, both sides try that, but I cannot see even a jury in the big, red cities, going along with that.

I, personally, will do okay for a while. Since our big deal was to get out of debt before we started to save for our retirement we are broat everyone will do for ake. Seems that about six weeks after we paid everything off I got sick and retired early. So I have no 401k or anything, Pelosi's economic bailout is aimed my way. With my age and health I won't last long enough for the Donks to kill the country.

In other news the country club Republicans are finally fighting. Trouble is, they're fighting Palin. Idiots. The Republican Party has a very thin bench. We have Palin and Jindal and a few others no one has heard of. Palin, being one of those Christians that embarrass the elites, is more of an enemy than is Putin, who gave the order to put new missiles up in Europe.

I don't quite know what everyone is going to do for heat and air, though. Half the electricity in the country comes from coal and the President-elect has vowed to bankrupt the coal companies.

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