Friday, November 28, 2008

India Proves That We Are Playing By The Wrong Set Of Rules

We are in a contest with Islam for how we are going to live. Now I have been in a few contests in my life and all contests have rules. Somehow we in the West have decided we are going to play by the same rules no matter what rules our opponents pay by.

So since well before Sept.11, 2001 we've been fielding the world's best baseball team while facing Rugby, hockey and football teams.

I have an idea? why not play by their rules? So, Islamists kill Americans, Brits, Israelis and Indians in hopes that we all change. Since I don't particularly want to change, plus I have a serious allergy to having my grandchildren harmed, how about we start knocking off bunches of their civilians? We could start with the wealthy Muslims who finance the Jihad. We could then proceed to carpet bomb neighborhoods where Muslims dance in the street and pass out candy when news of these atrocities comes out.

We have been waiting for moderate Islam to stop the Jihadis. We'll keep waiting, the moderates have no reason to stop the Jihadis but plenty of reason to fear them. Meanwhile the moderates do not fear us, even when we move against the Jihad we avoid hurting the moderates.

We used to be pretty durned good at killing ourselves. Many of us still are. We find radical mosques in Yorkshire and they keep preaching hate and murder after the London bombings and that nut trying to drive the flaming Jeep into the departure desk in Glasgow. Would the British Mosques change their tune if Brits flung petrol bombs inside?

We find radical Mosques preaching that same hate in India. How about if the Indians surrounded those Mosques carrying those old Enfield .303 rifles? And because they were invented there, Bangalore Torpedoes. As well as petrol bombs.

I'm told that the Mosques in places like Detroit and Houston speak that same hate but also caution, only partially because of George Bush. Just as much because of the armed citizens of America. Anyone want to make bets on how long Calypso Louis' Fruits Of Islam would last if they started trying to blow Joe Sixpack's family away? The deer rifles would come out of the closets.

Here is my plan. The next Islamic attack we send the zoomies to bomb the rich guys in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the government of Somalia, just because, and the neighborhoods of "Palestine" that passed out candy on 9/11. Then after that, the next attack we blow up Pakistan's nukes and ISI headquarters, plus some more rich Arabs, maybe a few rich Malaysians.

Anyone think we'd need too many lessons before the world wide Jihad is over?

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