Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Linda Lou baked two sweet potato pies and we eventually got in the car to go eat dinner with the some of the kids and and our son in law's parents. I got in the car and the battery was dead. The only neighbor that was home, then, was the guy that shot George, my German Shepherd. I did not ask him for help.

Eventually our other neighbor came home and we charged my car battery. You see, George ate the wires from my battery charger and I haven't replaced it. Yet. So we gave the extra sweet potato pie to the neighbor. I think the battery died because I left the car open with the interior lights lit while I unloaded the five hundred dollars of groceries and "stuff" from our payday shopping trip.

So for Thanksgiving I had something unusual, a leftover pork chop and peas. I've eaten far worse. I am thawing a half rack of pork spare ribs for tomorrow's supper. Ranch Style beans, french fries and ribs. Not bad for a po' boy.

It's a gray, rainy day today, it's dark, now, though. The Cowboy Action Shoot scheduled tomorrow, has been canceled, due to mud. Too bad, there were supposed to be two vendors there. Shows how the club has grown, we didn't use to get any vendors as it just wasn't worth it, not enough people.

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