Thursday, November 13, 2008

South Park Republicans Got Their Wish

So I was over at Classical Values and noticed the usual suspects complaing about how they want social conservatives to go away. Thing is, they got their wish. Evangelica Christians voted somewhere between a third and half for Obama. The social conservatives did not man the phone banks. The social conservatives did not walk the precincts. Few drove people to the polls.

So we lost some thirty million votes. I suppose these Republicans that want to throw the Socons out of the Party will be happy to lose the elections for the rest of their lives. Thirty million votes. What was Obama's margin of victory?

The funny thing about the vendetta against the social conservatives is that the Socons are not the aggressor in this fight. Socons do not go out of their way to attack gays, rather it is those gay pride parades with men walking around with their dangly bits exposed that brings Socons to protest. Very few Socons have anything to say against gays being in relationships, we do like the definition of marriage to be left alone. So we said "civil unions, okay, marriage no. So we compromised but it isn't good enough. So now the gays are attacking Catholics and Mormons and small churches. Why don't they go picket the churches of South Central? Or the Mosques? Same as the abortion crowd. Every time they get a new idea of how to kill more of the unborn they claim that the Socons are attacking them. More like the Socons are trying to defend themselves.

Anyhow you country club and southpark Republicans got your wish. The Socons stayed home. Enjoy the complete control of Congress by the Donks. Enjoy the Obama judges and the Obama presidency. You earned it.

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