Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wet Dogs!

I took the two young dogs to the lake the other day. It's strange, we live a half mile from the largest lake in Texas and we never go to the lake. This was the first time I had ever been in that water. Well, the water out of the pipes is from that lake but then that water has been processed.

Anyhow, Eddie and CAP loved the water, once they got used to the idea. They were both kind of worried about the whole process, it was too much like a bath. After a while they figured out that there was no shampoo involved, though and they started enjoying it.

Cochise' Apache Princess did jump up, hard, in the beginning and, since the boat ramp was mossy, I went down hard. Naturally I landed on my right side, where I am having that surgery next week. Fortunately the water was deep enough to absorb some of the impact. Still, it hurt. A bunch. Lucky thing I eat spikes and poop thumbtacks or I'd still be laying in that boat ramp crying. Linda Lou says no more lake until after the surgery.

It didn't help that we cut a tire on this jaunt. There I was, in shorts, in the sun, two dogs in the car, trying to change a tire. This was the newest tire, too. Oh well, I got it changed and got home, then I went to get the tire repaired. By the time I got home from that I thought I'd have to get better to be sick enough to die.

The next day I was still awfully sore but there is something about not being very resiliant when we get old. I swear, if I'd have known I would live so long...

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