Sunday, June 22, 2008

Harvey's Blogiverseray Present!

Blogfather Harvey, the Bad Example of the Blogosphere, had his fifth blogiversary yesterday and I had no present for him. You see, my grandchildren will someday see these archives, sort of a living history of these times so I can't put up his preferred boobage gift. This time though he also asked for something disturbing.

So, what would disturb Harvey? A picture of Ted Kennedy in a swimsuit? Um, he said disturbing, not horrifying. A comlete set of John McCain speeches? No, he said disturbing, not soporific. Think, Peter, think! What would disturb Harv? Then it came to us! What would disturb Harv more than anything?

Harvey's Blogiversary present is here! Arriving at 11:55 AM, CDT June 22, 2008, Karson Andrew XXXX, nine pounds even and twenty inches long, to our daughter Stephanie and son in law, Dean. Their third son, our tenth grandchild and ninth grandson. Mother and son both healthy and well.

I shall post pics when Linda Lou brings the camera home. She is up there, I am dogsitting and watching racing. It is too hot to leave Pugs in the yard all day so I am excused from hanging around the hospital. Well that plus it's hard to shave left handed and I look like a close up of a fat man's butt.

So, Happy Blogiversary, Harv. Oh, the diaper is ready to change so get started.

I hope this is disturbing enough. Forgive me for not doing links and everything, this isn't easy hunting and pecking with only the left hand.

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