Monday, June 09, 2008

It Must Be Nice To Be A Donk

I've been thinking about how nice it must be to be a Democrat. All through the Clinton Administrations we got constant warnings about Saddam's WMDs, we had an on again-off again air war against Iraq. Then, after 9/11 the Clinton appointed CIA Director, Tenet promised that Saddam's WMDs were a slam dunk, we went to war. The Congress voted overwhelmingly for this fight. Ever since then the Donks have fought tooth and nail against this fight, making it more and more difficult. So, Naturally Bush, following the advice of his DEMOCRAT CIA Director, lied to get us into the war.

Pretty good trick. Then each time we tried to increase the size of the military Democrats stood in the way. Then they complained that we didn't have enough troops. Then the Dems struggled hard against the surge that has finally born some pretty promising fruit and the Dems ignore it. Worse, they've convinced even most conservatives that the surge took so long because Bush was too stubborn. Well, Bush is fairly stubborn, all politicians are. Yet the Donks seem to think that we can just turn the strategy and tactics of a giant, multinational enterprise like this war on a dime. How many commanders did Abe Lincoln go through before he found the three sledgehammers, Grant, Sherman and Phil Sheridan?

It's not just this war, either. A few decades back we had my war. Kennedy had Diem killed. Then Johnson escalated the war while making sure that the Air Force and Naval Air left Hanoi and Haiphong alone, allowing rivers of supplies and troops invade the south. Somehow, though, it became Nixon's War, only by then the American people had tired of the war, even though once Nixon started actually letting the Zoomies do their thing up north it wasn't long before we only had Zoomies, advisers and logistic troops over there. Then came the peace treaty. Then the North broke the treaty and invaded, again. We were obligated by treaty to supply the South, and provide air and naval help. Who was it that broke the treaty? Dems. So, the ARVNs fought until they ran out of ammunition and then surrendered. The NVA "juggernaut" rolled on. I say "juggernaut" because it was anything but. The ARVNS fought the NVA to a standstill in every one of those battles, until they ran out of ammo. So, today Kennedy is a Donk saint and Nixon a warmongering pig who spied on Americans. His brother Bobby is another lefty saint. Of course it was Bobby who was in charge of the Justice Department when they wiretapped Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. To this day Dems say it was all because of J. Edgar Hoover, forgetting that HE was a Democrat, too, appointed by Franklin Roosevelt.

It really matter what the debacle is. Democrats are usually right in the middle of causing it. So, Democrats stopped drilling on the north slope of Alaska that would probably be sending a million barrels a day down here and they loudly blame Bush for high fuel prices. Clinton declared that big chunk of clean coal bearing land in Utah off limits and what did we get in return? Oh yeah, a big contribution from that Malaysian fella. Oh wait, Clinton got the contribution, not us.

The tragic thing is that this is all known and routine. Roosevelt gave eastern Europe to Stalin, then Truman's SecState gave a speech leaving South Korea out of the places that we'd defend. Well, surprise, surprise, North Korea invaded. Fifty-four thousand dead Americans and well over a million dead Chinese and Koreans later the war ended up at the 38th Parallel.

It's real interesting that in 2003 the various wild-eyed Death To America regimes got real quiet for a few months. Then the Democrats started getting noisy again. Soon after that Ghadaffi forgot that he was afraid. Imadinnerjacket over there in Iran started stepping lively again. In 2003 when we had a potent military force poised to go to Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia. Ever think about how quiet the world would be if we'd wiped out Iran and the Saudis?

Tomorrow I will be starting the surgery at noon. When I get back home I'll make poor Linda Lou give a short notice if I'm still putting out carbon dioxide. There won't be much else here until I'm able to type again. Not that I ever type real well. Anyone interested in prayer would be best advised to pray for Army Wife, Toddler Mom's dad. The next prayer should be for our daughter and hoping that her baby, Karson, should stay inside until Linda Lou is able to leave me so she can be there when Karson makes his appearance. So, after those, if you have a spare good thought...

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