Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Lived Though It

I had no doubt, the odds are like a bazillion to one. Now it's just a matter of hunting and pecking all left handed for a while.

The Doc repaired the tear, removed a bone spur and did something to my clavicle to remove some of the Arthritis. I will know a lot more on the 19th when I go in for follow up, I was still groggy from the sleepy drugs. They gave me a nerve block that should last 'til morning so, for now, no pain. Of course my thumb and first two fingers are asleep but that's better than abject pain, I reckon.

I have a couple of pics that I will post later. I am still a little spacey. I only wish there had been a bunch of Democrats handy before and after. There I was in an open backed hospital gown and nobody to moon. Sigh.

The Democrats admire the British and Canadian health care systems. Let's see. In Britain Med Students of a certain unnamed religion are no longer required to wash their hands. In Canada I would STILL be on the waiting list for the initial visit with the Orthopedist. Then I would be put on the waiting list for an MRI. But teh Donks say that only teh rich get medical care here. In Canada everyone, rich like me or poor, gets equal access to the waiting list.

Only thing I don't understand. If I'm so rich, how come I have no money?

Oh, by the way, our little girl went to her OB/GYN today. She is still 70% effaced and one centimeter. Looks like that boy is happy where he is.

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