Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Golden Day of Recovery!

One of the drugs I am taking saps my strength. This makes it a lot of fun getting out of the recliner or the bed. I am trying a night sleeping on the other side of the bed, this might work a little better. It is all I can do to get sitting up with my feet on the floor.

We made mistake of making chicken breasts in BBQ sauce and scalloped potatoes. Consider that I am right handed. It was my right shoulder being repaired and that I shake badly at best. I think we should have the Volunteer Fire Department come by and hose the cheese and bbq sauce off the ceiling.

Top it all off, my computer quit. We fooled around and finally broke out our ten year old laptop. Whoopie!

Do we all feel real safe now that the Supreme Court has given habeas corpus rights to the Gitmo detainees? Anybody know just how the courts have taken over the Defense Department? Does anybody remember that we really do have enemies out there? Enemies that deliberately kill children like they are Janet Reno's Justice Department? We have three branches of government. None of the founders planned on the Executive and Legislative branches being subservient to the courts.

I wish the left in the courts and Congress would figure out that George Bush is not the enemy. There really did use to be two very ugly buildings in Manhattan. George Bush did not fly those airplanes into those buildings. Those Americans jumping out of those buildings were not all Republicans. It sure would be nice if the left would spell out their ideas for this war, instead of fighting those who are trying to keep my grandchildren alive.

It is really kind of strange. The men and women fighting this war are mostly from the country and the small towns of America. Meanwhile those fighting against this war live in Washington, New York, the target cities. What are the bets that the next big terrorist attacks happen in New Dime Box, Texas? No, it will come to Washington or New York. The Supremes, if they survive, will be wondering why such a thing could happen. When the New York Times building is rubble those who survive will be so proud of how they burned so many secret programs. When the Mad Mullahs of Iran get those nukes and Israel and large hunks of Europe are radioactive wastelands, who will the left blame?

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