Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Peter's New Shoes

Well, the nerve bloock has worn off. Linda Lou is off after my prescriptions and I am waiting patiently. My tea tasted funny last night, I couldn't figure out why. I am still making my tea in my Mr. Coffee. Well this morning I noticed that I still had the old filter and coffee grounds. Tea and used grounds is not a delicious drink.
Those surgery drugs WORK! Not only did I mess up the making of the tea but I could not figure it out hours later.

So it is unusual for a hospital to allow a patient to walk out. After my stroke they made me walk the halls for a couple of hours every day. Then they wheeled me out to the car. It was nice walking out. In my new shoes. 9Truth is, I didn't want to try to put on my shoes. Those paper shoes aren't much use on our gravel, though. Ming liked them.

I am pleased to report that Cochise' Apache Princess was extra gentle last night. She always jumps into the bed for an ear scritch and a cuddle. She doesn't ever worry about where she lands, either. Last night was different. She still climbed up but gently. Then, instead of ramming me with her rock head, she just gently nuzzled me. Well Linda Lou just got home with my meds, I just took my pain pills and muscle relaxant. Hope I stay awake until Rush is done with his program.

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