Monday, June 16, 2008

Junior Nation Rejoices

Junior Nation rejoices, MILFs get a little moist. Dale Ernhardt won his first points race in two years yesterday. It was one of those fuel milage finishes, he was always close to the front for the whole race. He didn't really have a winning car, after each pit stop his car was way off and he'd drop back to tenth or twelfth, then as the gas burnt off the car would come to him and he'd pass the same few cars to fourth to sixth.

At the end Junior was, like everyone else, short on gas. If he ran out he would have finished 25th or so. If he stopped for gas it would have put him back in the pack, to finish about 25th. So they rolled the dice.

Next in line was Kasey Kahne. MILFs all over the country got a little damp as he got up to beat on Dale's bumper, then came that final caution when Michael Waltrip and another driver spun out, ending the race. People in the north central region of the country must have thought it an earthquake, it was simply Junior Nation erupting.

I'm not really a member of Junior Nation, I like him well enough but my world didn't end when his daddy died. Actually I am more of a fan of the old NASCAR, where a shower of cigarette butts flew out of the cars when the green flag dropped. I miss the old guys, Junior Johnson, Cale Yarborogh. Ned Jarret, Lee Petty and his son and grandson. Those were racers. We have an awful lot of pretty boys in the sport now. Seems that NASCAR wants to appeal to a different market these days. Too bad they're forget who brought them to where they are now.

Expect more wins from the 88 team, he's been up front at a lot of races.

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