Saturday, June 21, 2008

Democrats Say Quit Your Job.

Seems the latest Democrat talking point against drilling anywhere is that it won't add any oil for years. Ten years for ANWR, twenty for the outer continental shelf, etc, etc.

It's funny, though. Very few of us get paid on the day we work. This is exactly the same principal. So, it takes a little (or a lot) longer for an oil well to pay off and some wells are dry holes, but part of being a grown up is deferred gratification.

Of course it will take time for these wells to do any good. It's not like these wonderful new technologies are going to replace gas and oil next Tuesday, though. Say Detroit comes up with the new, non gasoline or diesel car. What is it going to run on? Electricity? Where do we get that? Hydrogen? Same question. Last I heard it takes a powerful lot of power to extract hydrogen from water.

So, unless we build a fleet of sail cars with a Democrat Senator running behind each one, talking, we will have our old standby, the automobile with it's nasty old engine. Even if we invent a car that runs on Democrat promises the vast majority of us won't buy them real soon. New tech isn't cheap. Most of us won't be able to afford the first generation, probably not the third or fourth. Look at hi def TV for an example.

So, ten years from now most of us will still be driving cars even if the car that runs on a Democrat promise hits the showroom next week.

Now we can make hydrogen cars, all we need to do is set up nuclear power plants on the coasts and use that electricity to extract hydrogen from sea water and run huge lines of electric trains full of liquid hydrogen all over to the "gas stations". Can we have that all set up by Friday? Better start drilling then.

The high gas prices don't hurt Congress. After all, the Donks took congress by saying nothing concrete about the war, while winking at the Nutroots and promising to lower energy prices. Now we know how they're going to do it. Sue OPEC, tax the oil companies and now, nationalize the refineries. Can't miss. What could go wrong?

And we are about to elect one of these idiots President. And McCain is just about as bad.

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