Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Politics Of Fear

The Democrats are really been enjoying the accusation of the politics of fear. I am guilty of those very politic. During the Clinton Administration the radical Islamists did not fear us. So we saw the Embassy bombings, the U.S.S. Cole, the Khobar Towers the attempted Millennium bombing and the planning for 9/11/01.

After 9/11 we switched gears and started going on offense, in Afghanistan and the attacks shifted. Instead of the blowing people up at work they were fighting the United States Armed Forces. We lost far too many of our finest young men and women but the Taliban and al Queda are now tattered remnants with their leadership hiding in caves.

Now the Democrats want to return to the failed policy of waiting for hundreds or thousands of American citizens to be killed and then trying to lock up the bad guys. Now if I can I prefer to be loved and respected. After all, I'm a pretty nice guy. I still carry a gun. No matter how nice I am, some don't listen This morning there is a 94 old woman in the hospital from a beating she got in a home invasion robbery. The bad guy(s) tool her 14 year old Ford Taurus and whatever else (t)he(y) wanted.
the bad guy(s) had no reason to fear that woman, she was beaten out of sheer meanness. Now the Dallas area bluesuits are looking for the bad guy(s). You will forgive me for wishing there was a way to hunt them down BEFORE they beat up old ladies. Can't do that, they have civil rights. The right of a 94 year old woman to live, unmolested, in her home are not important. And now the Taliban have those rights, too.

I much prefer the politics of fear. I liked the radical Islamists hiding in caves instead of running loose to plan attacks. Long live the politics of fear! Those clowns Should fear us. What?

In other news, it would probably be a good idea to not have a year and a half old German Shepherd not jump into bed and lay on a just repaied shoulder for a cuddle. Lord, that hurt. I'm sure the Doc will love this story. Tomorrow the Doc takes the dressing off and I get a real shower. Thank you, Lord. Baby wipes don't make it in a Texas summer.

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