Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The War Against The Suburbs and Country Folks

So, who benefits from these gas prices. We know they hurt everyone in the Country. They hurt some people more than others, though. I live in the country. I cannot fill my lawn tractor for under twenty dollars, it wasn't long ago that twenty bucks would fill a Caddy, not that I've ever had one.

Fuel prices hurt everyone, since most everything we buy travels by truck. But high fuel prices hurt the suburbs and county folks most. City folks can, but mostly don't, use the bus or light rail. Ain't no bus out here.

Meanwhile the Democrats are saying we can't solve the problem of energy by increasing supply. I seem to recall that raising supplies of anything has ALWAYS reduced prices before but I reckon that the law of supply and demand has been repealed since the Dems took Congress. Here we were thinking they haven't done anything.

So, we think a little and realize that the Democrat Party is mostly run by the very rich. The Dem voters are mostly the very poor. Those of us in the middle are mostly Republicans. Funny thing, the Republicans live where the prices hurt most because we have no choice. We can't even move to town, the housing isn't there.

I am not a big conspiracy guy but I can't help but think this is a plan to hurt the Red States. If we here are dispirited we may not vote. Now I have no problem with sitting out the Presidential Election. No one can scare me by saying the leader of the Gang of Fourteen and Federal Judges. If McCain had been interested in conservative judges than he would have helped break those filibusters. I do want my Republican Senator and Congressman reelected.Jeb Hensarling and John Cornyn are standing in Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's way. Far more than McCain ever did.

So, what is it, stupidity or malevolence? Why are the Donks standing in the way? It simply cannot be that they are waiting for new technology that has yet to be invented. Even if this new stuff is invented tomorrow, how long before the new refrigerator is in everyone's kitchen? The new battery for the car of tomorrow? Not invented yet. Once it is invented, how long before half the people have one, and where do we get the electricity to charge them?

Limbaugh had a good question today. How many miles do we get on a gallon of Pelosi?

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