Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Donks And health Care

I try not to pay too much attention to what Democrats say. I have enough trouble with my blood pressure. Unfortunately Obambi is putting out commercials on the country stations around here and I don't always hit the button fast enough.

So, Obambi promises to improve health care by going after my insurance company and the pharmaceutical companies. I am only alive today because of Big Pharma. Oh, and that stroke I had? The one where I was in surgery, then intensive care and then in the hospital for most of a week? Yeah, that one. My out of pocket expenses were the valet parking when my wife visited. My insurance covered some, my secondary insurance picked up the rest.

Oh, and Democrats hate Wal Mart for some reason. It doesn't keep them from making money on the board of directors, but they seldom miss a chance to rag on Wally World. In the past few months I've been wondering why so many of my prescriptions have not had a copay. Well, it seems that Wal Mart has started charging only four dollars for a months supply of any generic medicine and most of my scripts are generic. This means that the cost has gone down to my insurance company and so there is no more copay.

Imagine that. That greedy capitalist corporation has single handedly dropped health costs more that the entire Democrat Party. Oh, and other big pharmacies have been following Wally World's lead. I haven't seen my cardiologist since I switched most of my scrips to Wally World so my blood thinners are still at my old Pharmacy. They, too have gone to four bucks a month.

Now I actually would have preferred staying with my old Pharmacy, I like the people and their service is somewhat faster. Thing is, we hope to do some traveling now and Wal Mart is everywhere. My old Pharmacy is just in Texas. So we switched so if I'm off in some strange place I don't have to worry about whether or not I have enough of my scrips to stay alive until I get home.

I really hope the damned Democrats don't kill me by fixing health care.

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