Thursday, March 13, 2008

Evil Boosh!

So I'm sitting around reading because I have nothing in particular to say and I notice that the lefty blogs are all about that evil Boosh !!!!11!! trapping innocent little Spitzer with the Patriot Act and his illegal wiretaps.

The laws that got Spitzer had nothing to do with the Patriot Act, the wiretaps were all nice and legal, too. I have no idea what the lefties will do when Bush thanks God and comes home to Texas in January '09. They are having so much fun being persecuted. They are so brave, standing up against the evil Boosh!!!11!! Their dissent is being stifled, they are beings silenced. We know they are being silenced because they are on national TV constantly telling us how they are being silenced.

Poor Susan Sarandon and her boy toy, how can they get any rest having to constantly be on the news talking about how they are being silenced. 'Course I'm just a country boy, I always thought that when you are being silenced you should, I don't know, maybe shut up.

I'm enjoying the screeching from the Left about some Republicans voting for Hillary. Of course that Koz guy had told his groupies to vote for Mitt in Michigan since the Donk primary wouldn't count. Oh, and for the exact same reason that Limbaugh wanted folks to vote for Hillary. Yet the lefties are crying.

Ever notice that the lefties like to go on and on about how they are so brave, standing up against the evil Boosh!!!11!!! and his administration? Funny how their guy, Clinton, sent tanks against a bunch of religious wierdos down in Waco, then had all the evidence that wasn't burned buried. Remember that steel front door? The one that the news photos showed only bullet holes from the outside, none coming from inside? Sorry, folks, the Clinton Administration killed Americans. Then jailed the few survivors, on damned flimsy evidence. Not that I stay up nights worrying about that crowd. I told the kids back then to never get involved in a church where the leadership is decided by gunfights. But still, The Democrat Administration burned children.

The left is so brave. Well, right up until someone comes along killing daughters for not being good Muslims. Then they start screeching about the evil Boosh!!!11!!! After all, honor killings are their culture. Watching my grandchildren grow up in freedom is a big part of my culture but somehow my culture does not matter.

Oh well, I'll try to post some dog pictures soon.

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