Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Leopard Cub is A Good Conservative.

So yesterday I went to Wally World to try to replace the Froggie that Cochise' Apache Princess turned into a Democrat by pulling everything out of poor Froggie's head. No Froggies, as a matter of fact only one of the Hartz noisy toys left, a Leopard cub.

We got the ferocious beast home and Eddie T. Dog claimed him as his own, This is good news as CAP is the one that kills the stuffies in minutes. Eddie licks and chews, CAP rips and tears.

In other news we got the word from our daughter. Grandchild number ten is due on June 16th. He will be the ninth grandson. I do believe I've mentioned that we seem to run long on boys and short on cash. The kids have decided to name him Karson Andrew XXX. We are kind of hoping that it will be a little while before he becomes XXX, though. I've been too polite to suggest spelling lessons.

The dogs are looking forward to having another boy to play with.

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