Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Contest

So, I was wandering the intertubes and found a contest for "America's Favorite Mom". I think it was SondraK's Knowledge Is Power. Anyhow one of the nominees is Patti-Patton Bader, known outside her family as the woman who started Soldier's Angels.

Mrs. Bader isn't in the best of health, I do not see how she manages to oversee the Soldier's Angels workings but she does. I remember the days of no mail. Here is a woman who is working hard to end those days.

I'm not real big on telling folks what to do. I'm retired, you know. Still, this is someone worth a few minutes of effort. Please click on the link, go through the sign up hassle and vote for her. Then put the site on your bookmark list and vote every day. After all, otherwise someone might put a Cindy Sheehan type up there.

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