Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who Likes Pot Roast?

So I did a little cooking yesterday. I have been trying to figure out why Linda Lou's pot roast didn't taste anything like my mother's for decades. Not the pot roast but the gravy. Finally someone posted a recipe showing the roasts being floured before cooking. Aha! The bad news is that I am now the pot roast and stew cooker. Aw, well, I have plenty of time. I've always enjoyed cooking, not in the foodie sense, you'll find no fancy stuff at Chez Shaking. Pot roasts, stews, soups, beans, steals and chops. Yum.

Now it was Linda Lou who taught me about putting a pork roast into a pot roast. So, I can't complain. Even if I could, I wouldn't, she has a gun.

We have big storms just west of us, they should be here by mid-afternoon. They've canceled all flights out of D/FW Airport. I'm close enough to Dallas that we get our television and most of our radio from that area. So, because most of our weather down here moves from southwest to northeast I get the National Weather Service Emergency Alerts while my weather is still nice. Then by the time the weather hits me, the radio doesn't say anything. About an hour or two after the warnings stop, I batten down the hatches. Right now they are still breaking into Rush every time he starts getting interesting but they get back to the show just in time for commercials.

Rush is on, talking about Obama. I'd rather he talk about Heller v DC. I'm awfully tired of this campaign already. Just exactly who decided we need a two year presidential campaign?

I had to go to the dermatologist yesterday to check on how the mass murderer pills are working. See, while I was at the office for the warts and skin cancer I asked about that juvenile acne I still have, even though I'll turn 61 years old near the end of the month. There is a pill that actually causes the oil glands to stop their overactive secretions. The trouble is, it can cause serious side effects, including birth defects, depression, rage, etc. I had to promise to not get pregnant, donate blood. I had to promise to report any unusual rage or any depression. Well, so far, so good. This pill is supposed to be taken for five months and the effects on the oil glands last forever. Although at almost 61 my forever is shorter than many.

Anyhow, only four months left. Just in case the bad side effects happen the readers are invited to make a list. I'd hate to just waste a good mass murder. That is what I hated about those mall and school shootings. Couldn't they find a Code Pink meeting? Anyhow, post any suggestions in the comments. No promises, though. I'd rather avoid being a mass murderer, I have a sneaking suspicion that mass murderers have a tough time getting into Heaven.

Update, just before naptime: I just read that Obama's speech bridged the gap. Yes indeed. It bridged the gap between far left and extreme left.

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