Thursday, March 06, 2008

Eddie Inspects The First Wildfowers And His Stolen Bunny

We will certainly get more cold weather before summer but we already have the first wildflowers blooming. I thought I'd show some pictures and annoy my Yankee pals who are still in snow arse deep to a tall Indian.

Cochise' Apache Princess cannot understand why Eddie is allowed outside the fence while she is not. She is convinced that it is sheer animal cruelty that she doesn't get to run around. She does not believe me when I tell her about those who shoot big dogs.

If anyone cares to enbiggen that one pic of CAP standing by the fence they should realise that the wire is five feet high. She might grow into those ears.

Eddie is proud of himself. He went somewhere and stole a stuffed bunny. I dunno if he stole it from the grandchild of the guy that shot George, his new puppy (which puppy I have not shot) or the kids over on the next street back. Whatever, Eddie is a bunny napper.

In non dog news, it turned out that I didn't get the surgery yesterday, it was simply the consult. I don't understand all the medicalese but it turns out that I only have one little skin cancer. The other spots are just what happens when you wait to long to die young and leave a good lookin' corpse. Anyhow the cancerous spot is real small and it is the kind with no "roots", it's all on the surface of the skin. They will cut that spot out and then cut around it about a tenth of a centimeter and inspect that under the microscope and make sure they got all the cancer. If so, they sew me up and I'm gone. Otherwise they cut a bigger piece and then cut around and inspect, repeating as necessary, until it's all gone. If they get everything the first try it should take about two and a half hours, mostly just sitting and waiting, the cutting part is about fifteen minutes. Otherwise it's two and a half hours for every repeat. They tell me to bring something to keep me occupied while I wait. Someone send me a nice chubby girl with low morals. Anyhow, this all happens on April the second. I can hardly wait.

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