Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Duty As A Citizen

Well, I went and voted, like a good citizen. The only election I really cared about was the Sheriff's race. For the first time in forever it is an open race, the Sheriff we have is retiring. Actually he seems to have retired some time back and stayed in office. Our Sheriff's Department is a major mess these days, they just can't hardly catch anyone. So I ended up voting for the guy that used to be an LEO, lost an eye, and started a now successful private business. Who knows, maybe somebody that understands law enforcement from the street level, management and money can do something around here. As of now the Deputies all feel like they're peeing into a strong wind.

I look forward to voting, it is the only way I'm sure who my Congresscritter is. I live on the very edge of my County and, it seems, no one can decide from year to year, just where the edge of my Congressional District is. Last Election I voted for Jeb Hensarling. He was elected. This time I voted for the incumbent, Ralph Hall. I did not move. I got no letter telling me that my District was changing. And the only campaign letters I got were from the incumbent Congressman, Sam Johnson. So, even Congress doesn't know who represents me. Yet Congress knows how to handle my medical needs. Sigh. I wonder who my Congressman will be next election. I'm just hoping it's still Ralph in the General in November. Eh, by then they'll have my corner of the county in Arkansas.

If it hadn't been for the Sheriff's Race I might have switched Parties and voted in the Democrat Primary. There have been two schools of thought there, to drive a stake through the heart of the Clintons or to vote for Hillary to try to keep the bloodshed on the Left going. I thought about it, in the end I just couldn't take the chance of getting Democooties on me.

In other news, if anyone has a spare prayer I am going in for some skin cancer surgery tomorrow. My Dermatologist (spell check says that's how it's spelled) says not to worry, I'm catching this real early and the MOHS procedure is the very next thing to infallible. I believe him. Still, that very word, cancer, is a frightening word. I'd like it better if the Doc had told me that I had a case of squirming baby puppies. Oh well, I know I'll be alright. It's just that word.

The amusing thing is that the Docs see my hat in the office, it is just a little larger than a waitress tray. Yet they always find it necessary to tell me to wear a hat. I show them my hat and they don't even blush.

Update: I forgot to mention that my ballot had everybody on the Presidential race, Fred, Mitt and everyone else that dropped out. It doesn't matter, all my guys lost. So, I voted for Duncan Hunter. I may end up holding my nose and voting for McCain in the general, I may not. I'm already tired of national Republicans telling me to vote for McCain because of the judges. Let me get this straight. McCain kept a lot of conservative nominees from getting an up or down vote with his gang of fourteen antics. So now I am told that I must vote for the guy who stopped conservative judges so that we will get conservative judges. Sometimes I hate politics.

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