Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just Another Day In Golden America

I am watching the hoo-raw over Obama and the Rev. Wright with a certain amount of amusement, having no desire to vote for a Donk, anyway. Of course I'd like to have had a chance to vote for a Republican.

Here is my view, if anyone cares. Well, it is my view even if nobody cares. I have grandchildren that I have a certain amount of affection for. There is an unknown, but significant, percentage of the world's one and a half billion Muslims who are willing to go to any lengths to either kill or force them to believe in an alien and unforgiving religion.

This Obama fellow has spent some twenty-odd years listening to someone in his own church pulpit damning white folks. Now my grandchildren had no more say over the race they were born into as the Rev. Wright or Obama. I know of no one who had that say. Some of us were born white, some black, some oriental, etc. Some born into wealth, others into poverty. Those of us who were born into "Golden America", no matter the race or economic situation won life's lottery. Everyone in America can't be A Rockefeller or a Kennedy but there are only a couple of steps to take to avoid the grinding poverty of the third world. Step one, leave the dope alone. Step two, take advantage of the free education. Three, don't make babies until married and employed.

That is it, three simple rules. So, Donald Trump might not call if he needs a billion or so but you won't be in dire poverty. Now our kids went to public, integrated schools. Our kids were not the ones beating up black kids who tried to do well in school for "acting white". Our kids were not the ones getting tenth grade girls pregnant. We saw very few white crack dealers in the hood. So, who was it beating up the black kids? Who was it getting tenths graders pregnant? Who was it selling crack? (Hint: It wasn't the Jews.)

It is time that Rev. Wright set his sights on those who are killing the black community. Now this hurts Obama precisely because he is trying to be President, ie Commander in Chief. As much as the fringe left tries to deny it, our children and grandchildren are in danger. Just who is going to take the chance that the next Commander in Chief hates the white kids? Maybe this preaching has nothing to do with Obama. Maybe it is entirely unfair. Can a parent or grandparent take the chance?

In other news it was a pair of meat-related holidays over the last weekend. Friday was that guy answer to Valentines Day, Steak and bj Day. What? Ask your mother what that means, kid. Anyhow, I got neither, by the time I'd remembered it the menu was already planned.

Now the next day was a bit better advertised, Saturday was Ieatapeta Day. I Eat A Tasty Animal for PETA. I made it simple and broiled a sirloin steak with a baked potato. I also got a Boston butt pork roast and a chuck roast out of the freezer to cook today as a big pot roast. But the steak was so big I ate it two days before it was gone. So, tomorrow will be the pot roast. I also got four pounds of frozen stew vegetables, a couple of big yellow onions and some extra potatoes and carrots. I'll flour the roasts and cut up the potatoes and onions and dump the stew veggies around the roasts, pour in some water and bake for three hours or so at 350 F. The house will smell good.

Update, just before bedtime: I notice that many people are worried that the Obama/Wright mess will strengthen Hillary's bid and that she will be stronger against McCain. I doubt it. Hillary might be stronger among some segments of the Donks than Obama but if she is the nominee many black voters will sit out the election. Since no Democrats wins a national election without a ninety percent black vote, plus the other usual suspects McCain will win easily. If he can convince conservatives to vote for him. That won't be easy but McCain has no one to blame for that but John McCain.

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