Monday, March 10, 2008

So, What Is The Fight All About?

So we seem to have a big fight going over who, exactly, is going to control the Democrat Party. We know the Clintons did control it. During Bill's tenure they lost Congress and a ton of governorships but the Clintons got very wealthy. Bill, of course, came up in Hot Springs. Bill and I are of an age so a look at Hot Springs in our youth will show a city wholly owned by the Mob. Unlike most cities Hot Springs did not belong to one particular Family, instead it was kind of a vacation spot for OC types. It was also a place where many of the famed Prohibition and Depression Era gangsters hid out. Owney Madden ran the town for Meyer Lansky of New York. Lucky Luciano was arrested there, sent back to New York, tried, convicted and jailed. Eventually Luciano was turned loose in Sicily during WW2.

Bill's stepdad and uncle were both on the edges of this group as was his mother, if only through her gambling. Once Bill got active in politics his first big financial backer was a "businessman" named Gabe Crawford. Bill's uncle Raymond worked for New Orleans Mafia Boss Carlos Marcello.

So, the Clintons were a wholly owned subsidiary of the southern Mob and did right well by themselves. Now Hillary wants her turn at the trough. It is possible, I suppose, that Hillary never knew about all this. It is equally possible that Bill Gates will give me half his money.

On the other side of this fight for control of the Democrat Party is Obama. He is pure and clean as the wind driven snow. Elected as a State Senator in Chicago and, as we all know, no Democrat in Chicago has ever been connected to The Outfit. Except the ones who have been elected.

The Democrat Party machinery is controlled by people controlled by The Outfit. Period. Young Mr. Obama got his start financed by people with dirty money. Rezko is only one, of course but he is very telling. Rezko got rich helping Obama get elected, then got richer with Obama's help. That letter Obama sent, helping Rezko get the permits and funding for a poor folks housing project is a case in point. One would think State Senator Obama would be busy enough taking care of his own district but he had time to worry about dirty projects in another district.

Obama is as dirty as any other Chicago pol, and that is very dirty indeed. No one gets the help of the Dem machine in Chicago without The Outfit.

The chances are real good that Clinton or Obama will be the next President. McCain is not going to have to eager support of the base of his Party. So, who will be the power behind the Presidency? The Outfit or the southern Mob?

Update: What on Earth is going on in New York? Spitzer is a Democrat. Democrats do not get caught in sex scandals, they steal. It is us Republicans that get caught in sex scandals. That's the rules, Republicans get caught in sex, Dems steal. Deviation from this rule is not permitted.

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