Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Does Every Shepherd Need?

The last time I went shopping for dog food I found a new stuffy. Cochise' Apache Princess is a pure blooded German Shepherd. I always look at the stuffies and this time I found a lamb. Every shepherd should have a sheep.

Eddie fights CAP over the stuffies, I've never seen a Pug herd a lamb before but Eddie does. CAP does not realize how much bigger she is, when we first brought her home Eddie was bigger. This is also why Ming The Merciless chases CAP away from the food dish or the treats. Ming is not interested in stuffies, she only wants her bed and first chance at the treats. One of these days I'm going to stroke out laughing at CAP running 'cross the room with her tail between her legs and Ming right behind, barkin' and growlin'.

In other news I am not customer number 12 at the Emperor's Club. I tried to figure out what a $5500. fling for Spitzer would equate to in my income level. How many diamonds does the girl rate if I'm waving around the whole seven cents? Good Lord! I don't care how much money they had, if I were blowing some $80,000.00 on a little bit of the ol' slap and tickle Linda Lou would be sitting in this room reading my reloading manuals because she's already shot me with every one of the 3,000 rounds I have loaded on hand. She'd be looking to load some more to shoot the larger pieces. Eighty Grand. Good Lord, I couldn't afford that much Viagra. There is truly something wrong with rich politicians. We need a new rule. Anybody in politics has to take some kind of anti-Viagra and only his wife has the antidote. Don't quite know what to do about Barney Franks. It would also work for that toe tapper. 'Course as odd as most political families seem to be, I don't know if the wives would appreciate that kind of change. Eh, I ought to stick to dogs.

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