Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Do They Teach In Law School?

Dear Washington:

So I am very late in commenting about the Heller case. This is because I cannot understand how on earth all these educated people cannot seem to understand simple English. It would be one thing if the United States Constitution had been written in Sanskrit, then there might be some confusion.

What is amazing is a bunch of lawyers trying to figure out what "the right of the people" means. It takes a lawyer to argue that "the people" really means the National Guard.

Just as amazing is that bunch of clowns arguing over "shall not be infringed". Excuse me, shysters but those are some very simple words. They mean the Feds should only keep their noses out of it. And, yes, that means sawed off shotguns and full auto. Who are the people? What does "shall not be infringed mean? That whole crowd, lawyers, judges, politicians, reporters, all of them, and the bunch of misbegotten "educators" who taught them ought to be hit on the head with a sock full of sand and sent over a waterfall, naked. There should be bears below that waterfall.

This is much like the government and lawyers arguing about freedom of speech. "Congress shall make no law." Now I'm just a poor ol' country boy but I have a pretty good idea of how many laws "no law" is. And yet we find people jacked up for words all the time. Government schools are brimming with rules about what words we may use.

Oh, Peter, you don't understand, they say. I understand quite well. What I don't understand is how that whole crowd can claim to be so smart while being unable to understand one and two syllable words. If Congress and the courts want to change the Constitution to allow for the suppression of some guns, fine. There is a way to do that. Amend the Constitution.

Someone PLEASE go to the law schools and find those classes that say "no law" and "shall not be infringed" really mean "whatever law we want" and close them.

I swear, as soon as someone goes from being a Mr. to an Esquire the IQ drops some 85 points while the arrogance triples.

Love, Peter

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