Monday, January 21, 2013

The Socialist Educrat Taking Over The Service Academies?

 So I was over at the Puppy Blender's Site yesterday and  saw where some kind of Terrorism Center at the United States Military at West Point, the place where they turn promising high school grads into embryo professional Army Officers, put out a report saying that the biggest danger of terrorism is from right wing Americans. The guy responsible for this "report" is the boss of the Sociology  Dept.

 I'm not sure where he got any evidence of right wing terrorism from Americans, Seems the terrorism is coming from Muslims and the left. The NRA has set no firebombs or attacked any research center like the Animal Liberation Front and The Earth Liberation Front. And The Southern Baptists may disapprove of dancing but haven't set off any bombs . The loser Nazis and KKK types are all left wing, contrary to scholarly opinion, since most "scholars" looking into things like this try to excuse the slaughters of Mao and Stalin and claim that if only they were in charge, this time socialism will work.

 I believe it was Thomas Sowell who popularized the saying "an idea so stupid only an intellectual could believe it."

 This clown, teaching the young men and women who will be released to care for the very lives of their soldiers is in the wrong line of work. He should be standing on a street corner somewhere, ranting and raging against the very people who paid the taxes to fund the left wing centers that filled his mind with utter drivel.

 There is no danger of terrorism from the people who go to rallies and leave the parks cleaner than they found them. The State and Federal Governments could actually save a little mone. Simply announce some policy that only a University Womyn's Study Professor could want, the TEA Party folks will show up, when they leave the Capitol Grounds would be squeaky clean.

 Meanwhile the drug gangs have taken over large swaths of our biggest cities, the border security is a lame joke and we are borrowing forty-one cents of every dollar we spend. And we are spending this money illegally, the Senate has stopped the voting on the National Budget. Now I'm just a pore dumb redneck who got his GED in the Service and never finished college but I seem to remember from my high school classes that there must be a budget, continuing resolutions don't make it.

 Yet the right is the danger. Um-hmm. And this clown is indoctrinating our future military leaders. Or trying to. Thank God these kids will all be in the care of long time Sergeants. These ideas will get our soldiers killed. Worse, these ideas will lead to officers who do not understand what the military is for. Of course we already have that with the Generals tamely accepting the "green on blue" murders in Afghanistan.. Hint to the politicians wearing uniforms:  The military doesn't rebuild societies. The military goes in, kills people and breaks things until the bad guys scream' Oh, God! Please stop!" Then can come the State Department and the Peace Corps. And the military goes back to it's best job, standing around looking so fierce that nobody wants to start something. And the military is failing at that job. Our ground troops are worn out from repeated deployments, our ships are pretty much decrepit and our aircraft aging. Worse, we're sending lightly armed infantry where we should be sending tactical nukes.

 We have tried, since at least the Bush 41 Administration, to just kill the bad guys and we try to avoid a war with Islam. Which sounds good but we simply cannot raise enough infantry to kill Jihadis as fast as the Madrasas make them. If we kill twenty of them and they kill one of ours, they win. We simply do not have the young men to fill up the ranks of the riflemen. The days of taking farm boys in and tying a strand of straw to one shoe and hay to the other, teaching them to march by counting out hay foot, straw foot, handing them a musket differing only in cosmetics from the squirrel rife at home and having them march in formation, by the regiment up and fire once and give them the bayonet, those days are long gone. Heck, we don't have many farm boys left.

 Today a PFC is probably smarter than at least half of the kids his age on a college campus and is certainly in better shape. Meanwhile the Madrasas churn out thousands of young men who only know the commandments of Jihad. And they are willing to tape explosives to their crotch and get on an airliner. They are willing to put explosive vests on and kill themselves to take out a Corporal. Their leaders are willing to seek out the mentally challenged and tape bombs to them. Funny how those leaders are too important to die themselves.

 We aren't going to win this fight until we take it to Saudi Arabia and to Pakistan, and the rest of those places that teach the killing of Infidels.

 And the Service Academies are teaching the young leaders of our armed forces that Uncle Bill, the deer hunting, tax paying veteran is the real enemy. Somehow I think our tax dollars, not to mention the forty-one borrowed cents out of every dollar the federal government spends are wasted.


pamibe said...

Is that why Homeland Security is buying 1.2 billion rounds of ammo?

TomR armed in Texas said...

Agree, agree, agree on taking it to Saudi. That is the heart and soul and financial center for muslim jihad. Hated to see Bush 43 holding hands with Saudi prince, but the 43 also saw Putin's soul through his eyes. All but one of the 9-11 hijackers were Saudis. Crystallize that cube at mecca!