Tuesday, January 15, 2013

 Well, we went up to the kid's place on Sunday, it started with a belated B'Day Party for William at some place called "Jump Street". You know those bounce castles folks rent out? Well it seems there is this big ol' warehouse like structure with huge "carpets" of those bounce balloon type things and folks pay to let their kids bounce around, lookin' the fool. And no soundproofing.  I am reasonably sure that the place would fail an EPA noise test. I looked, no soundproofing. I ended up sitting in the car, reading No Greater Courage, a novel of the Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg.

 From there we went to the kid's house and, at 5:30 AM, got up to go to the hospital. I made the mistake of not turning on the car radio for traffic reports as soon as we got in, when I was actually on the off ramp/on ramp to the "freeway" the herd slowed to a near standstill. I turned on the radio then and got the word that there was some accident up ahead that had all but one lane closed and we should take an alternate route. Oh, Bother! and other colorful phrases. So it took maybe twenty minutes to the next exit where we bailed. Eventually we got to the hospital, after some more trials and tribulations, did I mention that I don't like cities and don't like traffic, we got to the hospital.

 We had got some calls before, one saying that, due to a cancellations, Linda Lou' surgery had been moved up a couple hours, one saying, no, we should go in at the original scheduled time. Mmmph. So we managed to make it at the time we were supposed to be there, only to find we were at the wrong end of the hospital. We eventually manged to get to the right place and, waited.

 They finally came and got us and put us in a little pre-op room where folks poked and prodded, took temps and pressures and asked the same questions, over and over. Eventually someone noticed that the room was flooding, seems it was a bathroom shared with the next little pre-op room and someone left the sink running with a plugged drain. It wasn't me.

 Then they took Linda Lou away and I went back to the day surgery waiting room. They had one little desk there with an electric outlet so I set up the laptop and tried to read The Puppyblender and Frnak J and all the rest of my routine, just like always. Pamibe didn't have anything new, she's making up for it today, though, and I found that I was too tired and grumpy (not worried, though. Me worry?) to concentrate so I started watching YouTube videoes. I eventually found a string of around a bazillion Pug shorts so that's what I was doing.  Eventually I had around twelve thousand little kids around, watching Pugs. I'm not sure but I think a couple neighboring Preschools let out and sent their kids, too. Oh, well, it kept the kids occupied and let grandparents and wives and husbands sit and worry.

 Eventually Doc Buch came in and told be he was all through and her knee had been a mess. I asked him if he thought we'd come all that way to let him mess with a perfectly good knee? He made comments about me making an office in the waiting room and I said I'd take whatever comfort I could find. anyway e told me they'd come get me in a while and tell me where in the hospital they'd spirited my Linda Lou. So, I sat. Then I sat some more. Finally, I went don the hall to pee and then, thinking that maybe they'd come in while I was gone, went and asked. Everyone had pretty much gone home and so they chewed me out for doing what the Doc told me. always ask the nurse, she said. Excuse me, lady. I'm a married man and my Linda Lou doesn't like it when some other woman orders me around, that's HER job.

 So, anyhow, I finally saw Linda Lou, she's okay.

 I waited until past dark and after the very worst of the afternoon traffic had subsided and then I drove home to dogs that were very glad to see me.  CAP was lucky enough that the precip had waited until after I was home, Bigo T. Pug was at Patsy's. So, I got home, fixed a big fat turkey pastrami and cheddar on pumpernickel and a can of Van Camp's  Pork'n'beans with a couple pickle wedges. Then I watched old Gunsmokes and Bonanzas we'd recorded on The Western Channel, went to bed and woke up with snow.

 and so, now I've got Linda Lou's computer hooked up to my broadband, if I had a router, and knew what to do with it I could be in the living room.Instead, Bingo and I are in my cramped and overfull "study/reloading room. Princess is wandering the house, lookin' for her Mama.

 In answer to Pamibe's question, the computer that needs a new video card (whatever that is) is a Dell Studio 435T. The video cards seem to go up in price the more complex the games one plays. Well, sometimes I play solotaire. Mostly it's YouTubes, Blogs, news sites and www.chubbygirlswithlowmorals.org.

 Anyhow, thanks to everyone that said a prayer for Linda Lou. Her knees are both fixed, she's a ways from coming back because her muscles have gotten pretty weak from all this but, they had her on her feet a little. Now, it's off to rehab with her, I hope.


pamibe said...

So glad the surgery went well! Linda Lou's going to be chasing you before too long!

Mike wanted to know about the vid card b/c he's always got extras lying about. I'll see what's currently in stock that might fit your machine.

Made me laugh and at this hour of the morning, that's pretty amazing! :-D

pamibe said...

Mike wants to know what the numbers are on the back of the box - the service code. Should be a white sticker.

Feel free to email me... pamibe at gmail dot com...

John said...

I have repaired dozens, maybe hundreds of Dells.

I like to tell people they are low end Yugos.


Just found your blog, Pete. Great stuff.

Do you know why Yugos had a heater in the rear windshield?

To keep your hands warm while you pushed it to the shop.


Cynthia Yockey said...

Hi, sweetie! I have a wireless router I'm not using. If it would help you out and you would like it, I'll send it to you.

Peter said...

Why, Thanks, Cyn! I'll take it! Say, send me an E-Mail and I'll see about working out a trade, of some sort.