Friday, January 18, 2013

Almost Stupid Enough To Believe A Democrat

 So Linda Lou is on her way to the Rehab Hospital, she should be going there later today or on Saturday. Meanwhile, my Neuro Doc gave me a new prescription to help with my shakes. Unfortunately it makes me real sleepy and unambitious, also seems to make me even stupider than normal.

 I cannot seem to get too interested in the destruction of my country due to the clown car administration. Someone please tell me if this batch of inflamed anuses screaming for raised taxes: does even one of these clowns actually pay his or her taxes or do they all screech for higher taxes on the mom and pop businesses while doing everything possible to avoid their own? They all seem to know full well that any tax increase can be avoided by their own little army of lawyers and accountants. does Obama know even one honest person?

 Kind of like gun control, they all know that no matter what laws are made for me, their little armies of gun-toting thugs, er, security will be unaffected. Oh well, it doesn't bother me as mine all went down in that tragic canoe accident. Funny, though, I was reading Rachel Lucas' blog the other day and it seems that, while she was in Italy her family all went out on some kind of hillbilly picnic and barbecue and all HER guns went down in a canoe accident, too. Oh well, it seems that learning canoe paddling is difficult. 'Specially for rednecks like me and hillbillies like Rachel's family. And maybe others. Seems that learning canoe is a big deal these days. And with all these gun grabbin' S.O.B.s around everyone is takin' their iron everywhere they go.

 I read that after that New York newspaper published the names and addresses of the pistol permit holders at least two burglaries have been reported of those houses. Oddly the newspaper reporting the crimes is a newspaper in the United Kingdom. Seems the Brit papers are doing the work American papers won't do. Y'know, it's bad enough we have uninformed voters, do we have to have deliberately misinformed voters? If we only had honest newspapers. Sigh. When the shootin' starts we'll have to burn down all the J-Schools.

 Whoa! Just spilled the brine from the jar, tryin' to get the last few olives out. Stupid pills. I understand the biggest problem of the "homeless" population. There are pills that can make many, if not most, of the mentally ill able to live outside of the big old mental hospitals that were so infamous for their ill treatment of the mentally ill. Trouble is, most of those pills have unpleasant side effects, kind of like this new pill. My Doc says to give these pills awhile, I should, and that is the operative word, should, become accustomed to them. Until then? Well, the mentally ill simply refuse to take those pills, and I'm not sure I blame them if the effects are worse than the ones I'm having. If, as promised, we had the halfway houses and such where the mentally ill could be required to take those pills or, back to the loony bin,  We don't have that, we have the streets. So, instead of people trained to handle the mentally ill, we have law enforcement officers.

 If it were not for the mentally ill and addiction, we wouldn't HAVE a homeless problem. We'd have a few camps on the edge of towns where the bindlestiffs hung out until they found a temporary job and a room, until the next time the wanderlust hit them. They weren't a big problem, a chicken went into the pot once in a while, a shirt off the chothes line but they weren't pooping in doorways like we have now. Nor did bindlestiffs shoot up schools, although there used to be iron in some of those packs. I grew up in a railroad town. We used to go shooting in a gully just outside town and the traveling bums used to camp at the bridge, right where the gully joined The Creek. So, we'd see them all the time, when we got into our teens we'd always bring a couple of cans of something, leftovers from roasts and such, we'd be welcome to eat at their camp as long as we brought something. These men (and a few women) were not like today's homeless, sure, if there was a bottle it'd disappear quick enough but, then see what happens to a bottle at a hunting camp, after the guns are put away and the lies discussions started. No, those men were always with us, in the old west they rode the grubline, in my boyhood they followed the harvests. I dunno what they do today, the harvests are done by illegals, the society is so papered and controlled.

 Anyhow, I'd really like to see an honest study of that pills these shooters of today had taken and were taking . what pills they had been put on but quit because of side effects. Columbine, VA Tech, the Colorado theater shooter, pretty much all of them had mental problems and they all had fathers who were either gone or were very distant.

 I also wonder why Obama had all those kids around him when he was speechifying about guns but that he never seemed to give a rat's patootie about all those mostly black, mostly young murder victims of Chicago, where they have perfect gun control laws.

 Well, anyway, here is the deal, I'm going to keep taking these pills until my next visit with the Neuro Doc. Unless the increasing dose make me unable to drive. If anyone reading this notices me starting to approve of this clown car administration, though, PLEASE come and take those pills away from me. I'd rather shake.

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pamibe said...

It'll never happen. Your agreeing with the clown car people, that is.

I know a couple people on such drugs and if the dosage is 'off' even a bit, the folks slide down into a suicidal funk. Not nice stuff.