Thursday, January 24, 2013

God Takes Care Of Children, Fools And Drunks.

 I overslept today, having a three PM appointment at Medical City, Dallas for my presurgery tests and paperwork. So I left the house without eating and scurried on my way to get there, forgetting little details like gassing up the car and getting some cash. I got to Medical City on time and sailed through my tests and paperwork, it took about an hour and a half, by then I was hungry enough to start crying, but I didn't.

 I marched to the ATM in the building atrium and plugged my card in, punched in my P. I. N. and got an error, I'd forgot my PIN. So I called Linda Lou, she couldn't remember my P. I. N., either. So, there I was, with the car in their parking garage, without any cash to get it out, and no, the garage wouldn't take my card.

 So, I called Linda Lou back, luckily our youngest boy works in a bank, not too far away, he slid down with Linda Lou's card and her P. I. N. written down. I marched back to the ATM and HER P. I. N. didn't work.  Shucks, and other comments. Meanwhile, Micheal had driven off, me still broke with the car in the parking garage. So, I called Michel back, got him turned around and got him to take his card and get a little cash. Tonight I do not hate cell phones as much as usual.

 I paid the ransom on our asexual grandparentmobile and went and bought gas, at least I can still remember my ZIP code. To use the card as a credit card for buying gas at the pump requires the ZIP.  The handbook for our car claims a twenty gallon fuel tank. The fill up took a little more than twenty-one gallons.  The car gas one of those distance to empty widgets on it and I've run it down to zero plenty of times. I've always planned on loading a couple of the lawn mower gas cans on and when the D to E  thing reads zero to push the trip odometer and see how far I could go. Well, I was kind of frazzled when I left from home and I think I read like ten or twelve on the D to E. And I drove to north Dallas, about sixty miles.

 God takes care of children and fools.  and He took care of me while I was drunk all those years, not to mention everyone I didn't kill while drunk.

 I finally got to the rehab hospital to see Linda Lou, they're letting her come home Monday. The original plan was for me to get this stent put in while she was still in the hospital. The new plan is for me to pick her up, take her to Stephanie's and spend the night with them, have one of the kids drive me to the hospital, call them when I'm ready to leave, spend that night with them and go home the next day. Bingo T. Pug will spend the night with Patsy.

 Anyhow, that was my big adventure. I'm not quite sure how I constantly get myself into these messes but, there we are.


pamibe said...

Glad everything turned out alright! It's nice to have friends and family that can rescue us in times of trouble. :D

I was going to ship your box today... should I wait a week or so?

Peter said...

Nah, go ahead and send it,if it sits in the mailbox a day or so, no arm. And if it gets here soon enough I can have Dean put it in while we're up there.


pamibe said...

Oops. I choose wrong. Didn't see your comment til now [Saturday morning].

To be fair, I came back three times yesterday afternoon to check.

I'll send early next week. Sorry!