Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Round Up The Illegal Guns!

 Ever wonder why Nanny Bloomberg and the Chicago Pansy Rham and the rest of those clowns are always bothering legal gun shops out of their jurisdictions? If they're so wound up about illegal guns, why don't they go after them on their own turf? It's not as if they care about the Fourth Amendment and, by the time the court case wended it's way up the chain to the Supreme Court the guns would have been destroyed and they would be long out of office.

 No, the reason they don't go after the guns is because the guns that cause all the trouble in the big cities are in the hands of gang bangers who don't give a rat's patootie about what Nanny Bloomberg wants. Nor would said gangbangers give up their illegal firearms, they'd fight. They wouldn't fight particularly well, of course but there would still be plenty of those big police funerals and lots and lots of wounded police eating up the municipal budget.

 To get rid of the gangs would require major battles inside our urban areas. And it wouldn't be won without a very high cost in lives, including citizens caught in the crossfire. More citizens than cops and gangbangers combined, more likely.  And if they really went after the gangs, the gangs would not just go after the police but, also the politicos.

 Let's extrapolate. Suppose Feinstein gets her dream bill signed into law. A whole lot of Americans would be faced with a choise, register or even have to turn them in or become criminals. I would guess, off the top of my head, that at least ten percent would oil their shooters up and hide them. At the rate the politicos are going, it's liable to be far more than ten percent. It is very diffifcult to have much respect for the federal law when the federal government, which is not empowered to spend a dime without a budget has been four years without a budget. If Congress won't obey the law, why should anyone?

 About one third of Americans own one or more firearms. DiFi wants to turn those Americans into criminals.

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pamibe said...

I love my country but don't care much about it's government right now... :(