Tuesday, January 08, 2013


 There are a lot of news stories about the bazillions of firearms being sold these days and how dealers have hardly any "military looking" rifles left in stock. No one seems to be mentioning ammo.

 I, of course, have no firearms left after that tragic canoe wreck I had but I still have some suppliers in my "bookmarks". I had a bad case of can't sleep the other night and so after I read all the blog posts I cared to and after I got tired of www.nakedchubbygirls.org I looked in on my ammo and components suppliers. Folks, there ain't none.

 Go to www.midwayUSA.com and find bare shelves. For instance every single box of .22lr hollowpoint ammo is marked "out of stock, no backorder.  Most of the popular handgun cartridges are gone, and just TRY to find some .223, .308 or 7.62x39.

 Shotgun ammo? There are only two, out of thirty-five choices of 12 gauge two and three quarter inch buckshot loads available and I don't reckon they'll be available for long. So if you want some  call yesterday. Of course the Winchester copper plated double ought buck is kind of pricey and the other load, a low recoil buckshot load is in an eighty round box. I've seen a few gunfights and read of many more, I've never heard of one using up eighty rounds of shotgun ammo.

 I'm kind of curious. With all these folks buying rifles, pistols, shotguns and ammo, just how many of 'em are going to carry their shootin' irons down to the local commissar when the "sensible gun regulation" becomes a total ban? And, just whom will the politicos choose to go door to door to arrest these millions of new criminals?

 Nanny Bloomberg and Swishy Rham (NTTAWWT) know where the gangs are. They have a pretty fair idea of who they are. They certainly don't care much about the various Constitutional Amendments about search and seizure and right to property so why haven't they send their city police out to round them up? Heck, by the time the arrests and confiscation worked their way through the court system most of the gangbangers would be past the most dangerous age and the guns would have been melted down to make Chevy Volts and bird killing windmills. So, why don't they go after the illegal guns?

 The answer is simple, they'd lose a lot of their police officers. And the rest would decide on a different line of work. So, instead of going after the criminals they are going after millions of law abiding citizens and thousands of law abiding businesses. So, what about the millions of brand new criminals? That is what we'll have if DiFi gets her way. And exactly what percentage of these brand new criminals will shoot?

 You smart people in media and politics should consider that question very carefully. A lot depends on it.

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pamibe said...

There is [was?] plenty of ammo at Bass Pro Shops when we went last month. Aisles and aisles of it; we just stood and soaked up the cornucopia of plenty before us.

Same thing happened to us, though. Our guns are at the bottom of the Atlantic. ;)