Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Visit To The Vascular Surgeon.

 I drove up to see the vascular surgeon that is supposed to try to fix the circulation in my leg. To start with, either the nurse at my internist's office misspoke or my Linda Lou misunderstood, the circulation problem is not in my right foot but my left leg. This is great news because in early 1967 that right leg was badly broken with bones going out the skin and Lord only knows how much entering. And if that lower leg and foot were not getting any circulation it would be likely to be from vein and arterial damage, poorly repaired from 'way back then.

 Instead, the problem is some ninety percent blockage of some big artery in my poor fat belly. So the plan is to make an incision in my crotch (careful, there, Doc!) and run a catheter up my femoral artery, when it hits the block to blow up an itty-bitty balloon. They will then shore it up so it doesn't collapse again, kind of like the way the old gold miners used to nail timber shoring up.

 I am pleased that the solution seems simple. I shall go up early on Jan 28th, see Linda Lou in whatever rehab hospital that Doc Buch has her in after her knee rebuild, then spend the night with Dean and Stephanie in Plano. They will roll me out of bed, not give me any coffee or breakfast (grrr!) and carry me to Med City, Dallas to arrive at six AM. Then they'll put me to sleep and I'll wake up, hopefully not gelded.  I'll call the kids, one of 'em will come get me and then, depending how woozy I am, I'll go home or spend the night. Most likely I'll hang out a couple-three hours and then drive home.

 Our neighbor, Patsy will be taking care of the livestock.

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pamibe said...

However easy-peasy it sounds, I'll be praying for both you and Linda Lou!

I used to wonder about the phrase "aging with dignity". Now I think it means not cursing everyone within earshot every time my knee or back goes out. ;)