Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here We Go! Round Two, Knee Rebuild!

 So we are due up at someplace called Jump Street in Plano, Texas tomorrow for my grandson Williams "official birthday party." His actual b'day was a couple of weeks back but, logistics. We are going up to spend the night at Dean and Steph's, then at ODark-Fifteen or so we drive from there to this hospital in far North Dallas, not the one I'll get the stent in but another one on the LBJ "Freeway".

 Now Dallas has a homeless problem, just like every other city but they seem to handle it differently. What they do is put them all in cars so they drive around the freeways and roads, aimlessly. Rush hour for the LBJ Freeway starts at twelve-thirty-five AM and ends at Eleven-fifty-three PM.  My hatred for Dallas is only exceeded by my hatred for Houston. Dallas was once a pretty nice town, I think that was in 1876. Houston should have stayed a swamp.

 Anyhow, I shall be out of pocket for the next couple of days. Patsy will keep Bingo. T. Pug and poor ol' CAP will just have to stay in her yard. If I don't get back Monday night Patsy will throw a pitcher of water and food over the fence, hopefully into her food dish and water bucket.

 Then I shall be temporarily single until Linda Lou gets out of the hospital and then the rehab hospital (?).  Well, it's got a few docs, lotsa nurses and physical terrorists and the same kind of rules all over but they might call it sumpin' else. Linda Lou says I can bring another woman in while she's gone but she'll have to clean the house.

 In other news the video card in my big fancy Dell computer is dead and I need another one. So, I got online to price video cards and they range from dirt cheap to hundreds of dollars. All I want to do is mess around on the intertoobz and watch the odd YouTube, and of course

 So, if anyone at all knows anything about what a video card is, etc. All I know is that it makes the screen show stuff. And it is allegedly replaceable by a computer savvy peep like my SIL, but HE won't take me by the hand and help me buy it.

 Oh well, until I figger it out, there is Linda Lou's desktop as she will have the laptop.

 Anyhoo, wish us luck!

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pamibe said...

What is the Dell model and what make and model is the bad card?

Praying for Linda Lou and her doctors tomorrow!